My daughter, Faith, whom I lovingly refer to as Little Diva Talks Nonstop, has fallen in love with everything quilty. This past summer she attended Quilt Camp at The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky, and completed her first quilt.

Now she is hopelessly hooked and wants to make more. All you quilters understand how she feels. Since I am not a quilter but I can sew, I am faced with the task of helping her learn. We hatched the bright idea that placemats for her granny would be simple enough and a good place to start. We figured these small items wouldn’t be too difficult for me to figure out and teach. So we purchased the Harvest at Milbrook Farm Placemat Panel from; enough to make twelve. We wanted to have them completed in time for Thanksgiving.

We also thought it would be a fantastic idea to make these reversible. My mom saw a blue fabric collection we had and liked it, so it became the reverse.


We gathered our supplies and started cutting out the placemats. Since I am a newbie at quilting and haven’t sewn in years, I realized rather quickly how rusty my skills are. Another first for me was using a rotary cutter. I’ve never used one. Little Diva has never used one. And let me tell you something—ya’ll make it look so easy! I improved toward the end, but my inexperience made Little Diva take a step back and say, “I’m not ready for that!”

We finished them in only two days. We had fun working together on this project and will do many more. Just, please don’t look too closely at our finished placemats. They won’t win a prize, but they did win a place in Granny’s heart.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Sylvia Thomas
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