Quilting with Color Survey Results


We were curious about color, and asked quilters what their experiences were, from the colors they love to sew with to what they do to change the ones less loved. Over 900 quilters responded. Here’s what they had to say…


When asked what color they use the most, quilter reported:

  • Overwhelming love for blue! Nearly 40% of the quilters say they use blue fabric the most in their quilts.
  • Green came in second with nearly 17% of the vote.
  • Red rallied behind with almost 12% of quilters using red fabric the most.

In our every-growing stashes, what color of fabric is missing?

  • Buy more orange! 25% of quilters have a scant collection of oranges, if any.
  • Brown was the next color missing from their collections. 20% of quilters don’t keep browns on hand.
  • Last, at 15% is sweet little pink. 

When asked if they dye or go natural, quilters report an overwhelming desire to leave the color alone.

  • 57% of quilters have never done anything to adjust the color of a fabric.
  • 23% have over-dyed or treated a fabric with a stain like coffee or tea.
  • 18% admit to taking a magic marker to their fabric.
  • 15% of quilters dye fabric to a specific color for a quilt.

We asked quilters to rate their confidence with color. The scale went from Not At All to Very Confident!

  • Less than 1% felt they are no good at color.
  • 10% felt they aren’t very good, but are learning!
  • 25% rate themselves average.
  • 33% of quilters grow more and more confident with color every day!
  • 31% are absolutely confident about color.
  • One wise quilter wrote in, “I’ve studied color a great deal and know all the theories. Actually choosing colors is quite a different matter. Kind of like love – it’s hard to make it happen no matter how much you study it!”
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Debbie Bogenschutz

LOL, I’m an orange and brown quilter!