Quilting on Together: Free Face Mask Pattern


American Quilter’s Society is committed to doing everything we can to keep the quilting community together during these difficult times. Download our free Face Mask Pattern with fabric recommendations, tips, and tricks.

Over the next few weeks, AQS will be rolling out a series of live programs, Watch Parties, and quilt projects to keep the quilting community connected and engaged.

Together, we will get through this. Together, we will make the quilting community stronger than ever.


Click here to download our free Face Mask Pattern with fabric recommendations, tips, and tricks.

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Nurses are asking us NOT TO USE T-SHIRTS. for ties. They stretch and the masks fall down. I sew with the Sewing Sisters 2020 near Tampa. Our group has donated over 3,200 masks. And we are still sewing strong.

Hi Linda, Thank you for the information. Bonnie updated her pattern. What an amazing group you are a part of in Tampa. Thank you to each of your for all your hard work. Keep up the amazing job! Take care, Betsey

Vicky Caylor

Good morning. What is the elastic size and measurement for the face masks? It didn’t show on the pattern that I can’t find. Thank you.

Hi Vicky, Bonnie says, for the elastic cut 2 pieces 6 1/2 inches long. Thank you, Betsey


Please tell me how to read pages 2 and 3.

Hi Marva, Click the download link to open and save the pdf. Thanks, Betsey

Ann Perry

What length do you cut the elastic? It does not say on the pattern.

Hi Ann, Bonnie says, for the elastic cut 2 pieces 6 1/2 inches long. Thank you, Betsey

Patricia S HORTON

I just wanted to say thank you for this mask pattern. All that i have found is not good ones.

Julie Spadin

Thank you for the pattern. I have been following comments on my mask making community site. The feedback is that bias cut ties are more comfortable and provide a better fit.

Time to put my beloved batiks to work!


Thanks for the pattern, instructions very good. This is the 7th one I have downloaded. Works great for teens and women. NONE OF THEM fit a large mans face. Had to add inches to length of mask, and lengthen elastic.


I’m confused. In Step 3 you say “Turn right side out through opening”. However in Steps 5, 6 and 7 the masks are obviously inside out. Step 8 shows the mask right side out for the folds. I believe that the “Turn right side out through opening” should be placed after Step 7. At least that’s the way I am doing it and not having any problems.

Hi Judy, Bonnie has updated the pattern with a correction for you. Please download and take a look to see if this helps. Thanks, Betsey

Can I use iron-on interfacing when making a mask?

Hi Kat, Bonnie says, “Yes, the interfacing can be sew-in or fusible.I used fusible because that is what I had on hand.” Thanks, Betsey

Thanks for the reply. I have fusible interfacing already. I understand the woven is hard to find right now.

Judy Kay

When I ran out of interfacing I used very inexpensive light weight muslin. Worked Great.

Ralph Green

Any thoughts on how to include something to help the mask fit more tightly over the nose? Disposable masks usually have a piece of metal there, which can be bent to minimize leakage.

Judy Kay

I made a tiny vertical tuck (approx 1/2″) at the top in the center and that seems to help a lot.

This pattern of guard face mask seems to be easy to follow and QUICK. Thank you thank you thank you! I appreciate the time you took to put EVERYTHING together!!!


What is the recommended seam allowance?

1/4″ seam allowance.

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