Quilting in Quarantine Survey Results


We asked about how you’re staying safe at home while we are all quilting on together. Now see what your fellow quilters said!

What types of quilting projects have you been working on?

  • 71% of quilters are hard at work on UFOs.
  • 58% of quilters are working on service projects like face masks and quilts.
  • 57% of quilters are working on new projects.

How have you been connecting with your quilting friends or guilds?

  • Social Media (like Facebook, Instagram…)
  • Video Calls
  • Email Newsletters (using guild newsletters or making newsletter to share between quilting friends)
  • Conference Phone Calls
  • Parking Lot Show and Tells with appropriate social distancing

What hobbies outside of quilting have you been enjoying?

  • 67% Reading
  • 53% Cooking and/or Baking
  • 49% Gardening

How is your stash doing?

  • 59% of quilters have yet to make a dent.
  • 14% of quilters have organized their stash to within an inch of its life.
  • 13% of quilters feel their stash is now lacking some basics.


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Jeanne Pretty

I have been doing some ufo’s, making teddy bear pillows, made masks for the hospital.
As for stash, still have lots. Still have ufo’s and kits .
Our enjoyment is going for drives. I was in hospital for five days so had to be quarantined for 14 days. Hooray , today at noon we are let out. Has not been too bad at all. Family looked after us.
Life is good under the circumstances.

Joan Rhodes

I have made some masks for our local hospital, and starting new projects. I have no unfinished- sorry. I do feel like my stash is getting low. Right now I am making quilted curtains for our travel trailor. Hopefully we can go somewhere this summer!