Quilting For My Heart Survey


Does quilting mean more than just fabric and stitches to you? Share your experiences in this five-question survey.

Any stories you share in taking this survey remain private. At the end of the survey, there is an opportunity to give us your email address so you can share more about your stories with us. If you leave your email at the end of the survey, you will be receiving a personal email in response (this won’t sign you up for anything or be shared.)



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Im more than happy to continue patchwork and quilting while I can. Im struggling with trigger finger a type of arthritis that I can get temporary relief for at moment for long peroids of 3 years before needing surgery.

every time I tried to do your survey, all I got was “Page Cannot Be Displayed”.

Susan Wing

Don’t know what you want me to say. I just love the entire process of creating a quilt and am glad my dear great-aunt turned me on to it.


I agree quilting is great, so glad you haad a aunt to get you started. I have grand children that im hoping will take up quilting ,perhaps not in my life time but im glad now to impress them when I can.


Love the way different fabrics can be put together in designs. I can buy small
amounts of more fabrics. Making something to give away is as much a pleasure as the actual making.


Yes I agree .I only give to ones that now Im a avid quilter and appreciate my work. as each piece takes time and love to make.


It makes me feel good