Quilting for Brain Power


At every age, we like to think that we’re keeping our brains in the best possible working order.  Quilters, you are doing the right thing!  Dr. Denise Park, a neuroscientist at the University of Texas, says that participating in new challenges improves memory and defers cognitive aging.

A recent study proved that learning new skills strengthens brain connections. Some of those participating in the study took up quilting; Dr. Park found that the measuring and calculating required in quilting helped improve study participants’ memories.

Already a quilter? There are always new avenues to explore, so try a new direction! And after you read this article, you may want to pick up a camera and learn to use Photoshop to make outstanding quilt photographs, as well.

Read the NPR article HERE.

Here’s a great example from MyQuiltPlace. Meet Orville Roach – who learned to hand quilt after he retired. He’s an award winner!

orville wildflowers small



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