Quilters’ Machines


We asked about the machines you use for your quilting process from beginning to end. Here’s what nearly a thousand quilters just like you had to say…


How many machines do you use in your quilt making process?

35% keep two machines set up

27% keep three machines set up

18% keep one machine set up

20% keep four or more machines set up


What types of machines do you use in your quilt making process?

#1 – Sewing Machine

#2 – Longarm

#3 – Embroidery Machine

#4 – Bobbin Winder

#5 – Die Cutting System


Other than the sewing machine, which machine is your favorite helper?

#1 – Die Cutting System

#2 – Embroidery Machine

#3 – Longarm

#4 – Bobbin Winder


What’s your favorite feature on your sewing machine?

Most popular answers were…

  • Needle up/needle down
  • Needle threader
  • Automatic thread cutter

What’s yours? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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Betty Gatesman

I have one sewing machine. It is a 1994 New Home. I take good care of it and I can topstitch very small quilts because from needle to neck is probably 5/6”.
I also do ruler work. My one machine is always ready to sew and I really couldn’t imagine having so many machines in my sewing room, but I would like to do more, I’m not sure what to get. I have been looking at a Bernina because of the neck size. Wow fitting a quilt through that would be amazing 🤩. Any suggestions?


I own 2 Bernina sewing machines! They are expensive but motors run like a dream for a long time! . I have a 630 I use for quilting and an 880 for embroidery and specialty stitching. Every machine has it’s pluses and minuses!! The 880 is a hard machine to learn but has lots on it. I have heard the 790 is better! I worked in a Bernina shop so got to know lots of machines- each has it’s Benefits of what it does! Good luck in finding a good store that services and sells Berninas!

Lois Dutton

I have a Bernina 570 QE and I love it.