Quilter’s Guide to Marking Tools


It’s great to lay your hands on the perfect marking tool when you need one. Below are a list of favorites you are sure to enjoy.

As with any marker, test on the fabric for using. 


Soluble Fine White Marking Pen

Clover created this magical white marking pen with a point so fine it is a dream to mark with. The thin white line practically glows against dark or bright fabrics.

Great for:

  • appliques
  • half square triangles/quarter square triangles
  • seam lines
  • embroidery designs
  • placement markings
  • basically anything you are comfortable adding a little heat to

The ink disappears with the use of an iron or when washed. Recommended for making marks on black or dark fabrics; test before using.

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Dritz Mark-B-Gone Water Soluble Pen

This is the famous blue marker we all love. Mark-B-Gone is here while you need it and then, spritz, sprtiz, it’s gone!

Great for:

  • Marking quilting designs
  • Applique placement
  • Template cutting
  • Sewing construction transfer marking
  • Tailoring

The blue mark disappears with the application of water, so use it with items that can get wet. For best results, don’t leave marks for long periods of time. Always test before using.

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Clover Water Soluble Pencil

One wipe with a damp cloth and it’s gone. Great option when chemicals are a concern.

Great for:

  • Applique
  • Hand quilting
  • Pattern drafting
  • Everything you don’t mind wiping with a damp cloth

This Clover pencil is a trusted friend among quilters who do hand work. But as always, test before using.

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Chaco Liner Pen

This refillable marker by Clover offers you the best of both worlds. The trust of chalk with the fine precision of a point. The metal spoked blade dispenses chalk in a fine line that is easy to remove.

Great for:

  • Hand quilting
  • Reference marking
  • Sewing lines
  • Pattern drafting
  • Quick marking

This pen is a great one to keep handy at all times. It’s quick to use, won’t dry out, and so simple to remove.

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Sewline Trio Colors Fabric Pencil

Sewline Trio brings you three colored pencils in one! Sewline seems to have a head for handy. This great marking pencil has even more options now.

Great for:

  • Quilting designs
  • Back basting applique
  • Transferring images with light box
  • Seam marking

The pen comes with three refillable leads, black, white, and pink. It also comes with a small eraser. Leads are refillable. Remove marks with the polymer eraser or they can be dabbed off with water.

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