Quilter’s Embroidery


Last week we asked you about using embroidery with quilting. Learn what quilters like you had to say…

Hand or Machine

Of the near 400 quilters responding, 84% said they hand embroider and 47% said they machine embroider. Only 3% of the quilters surveyed said they didn’t embroider.

Embroidery Motifs

The most popular motif to embroider is floral with 75% of quilters surveyed noting it as their favorite. Here they are in order:

  1. Floral
  2. Words
  3. Animals
  4. Geometric

Embroidery Projects

It’s no wonder quilt blocks are quilter’s favorite embroidery project. Here are a few of the other top-placing projects for embroidery:

  1. Quilt Blocks
  2. Quilt Top Embellishment, particularly applique quilts
  3. Pictures
  4. Quilt Labels


Curious about quilter’s go-to embroidery stitches? Here are to most popular stitches ranked in order:

  1. Stem Stitch
  2. French Knot
  3. Blanket Stitch
  4. Daisy Stitch
  5. Back Stitch
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Linda Weiss

I entered a wonderful crazy quilt in a quilt show only to find out that they would not allow it to be entered in the show because it was not quilted through all 3 layers (crazy quilts are normally not quilted). They like it enough to put it on display. However, I have now found out that AQS has the same rule, which not only eliminates crazy quilts but Cathedral window, yo-yo’s and some English paper piecing. Why wouldn’t you want to accomodate these kinds of quilts. In many quilt shows I also see hand embroidered quilts competeing against machine… Read more »

Hi Linda, Due to the time it takes to make Crazy Quilts, Cathedral Windows, and such, we found there are too few quilts submitted to sustain this type of category year after year. Often times, quilters add a bit of quilting to the quilt to qualify it for a category if it’s the type of quilt that normally doesn’t have quilting. Thanks, Betsey