Quilter’s Best Friend – Sticky Advice


Welcome to the beginning of the Quilter’s Best Friend series. Here we will explore ways to simplify our quilting worlds. Using tools, tips, and tricks, we will take the guess work out of quilting processes and offer solutions to challenges. If you have ideas you would like to share or challenges you would like solved, please email us at betsey.langford@americanquilter.com. 


Today we have some Sticky Advice:

Use sticky notes when cutting fabric.

First, write up your cutting measurements on individual sticky notes. You may wish to note the number of pieces you need cut for the size.

Sticky Pattern


Next, stick the sticky note to your ruler just beyond the needed size to help your eye fall to the correct cutting line each time.

Sticky Cutting


Last, use the sticky note to make the stack of pieces cut. This will keep things neat and orderly when it’s time to piece.

Sticky Stacking


Do you have any additional ideas for using sticky notes while you are quilting? Please share them in the comments below!

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Thank you for sharing.

Mindy Grohman

I always use sticky notes to keep blocks in order while assembling them for the finished quilt. Each sticky has a letter & a number. Place it in the top center of each block, i.e. A1,A2,A3; B1,B2,B3 etc. Placing it top center assures the proper orientation when sewing the rows together.

Carol Kussart

I like the idea of the sticky note placement on the ruler when cutting! I’ve used sticky notes before to label my stacks. I also include the fabric color/design on the sticky note. I’ve used sticky notes to mark my place in a pattern and to label the sizes of big pieces of leftover batting.

Margaret Hewgley

I use sticky notes to keep my place on the pattern when several instructions are on the same page. Margaret Hewgley

Karen Boyd

Mark rows and top when assembling.

Louisa Childs

I use the sticky tape product for many things. It is wonderful for marking rules and on my machine. It comes on a roll and in very bright colors.


Add the letter of the piece and place the sticky note on the outside of a clear plastic sandwich or quart bag to keep pieces pressed for transporting to class or until needed. Bag can be reused after block is completed.


I put the sticky note inside the bag so it doesn’t get knocked off when bags are shuffled through.


When I am sewing rows together I put a sticky note in the top right hand corner with an arrow pointing to where I sew! After the row is sewn together the sticky note goes to the first block in that row and gets a row number! Saves a lot of confusion if you have to leave and come back later!!

Pat Conklin

I recently embellished a quilt with a feather stitch from my sewing machine. I wrote all the details on how I set up the stitch on a sticky note so each time I went back to the project I had the same stitch. I also use one to remind me what size needle, what type, and when it was put in my machine.


I use sticky notes to make note of how many blocks/parts of blocks that I have left to make. (I.e.2/12 , or 2of 12.) it helps me especially if I’m only working on that one in my spare time.

Gayle Mitchel

I find myself using patterns more than once. I used to write myself notes all over them since I was using different colors or had resized the blocks. You can imagine what they looked like after just two uses! Unintelligible!!! So I started using sticky notes instead. Phew. Now the instructions remain pristine and I can read them again. Sticky notes to the rescue!

Susan Melgaard

Love this tip! This is such an easy thing to do. Why didn’t I ever think of doing it? I do use sticky notes when laying a quilt out on the floor. They help to keep the rows in order.



Thanks, just what I needed. I’m doing 16 house blocks, all in different fabrics. I will use one color of sticky notes for the background pieces and another for the house pieces. I will stick all the notes with sizes on a board (or a big ruler). Then I will take one down, cut that size and put it back on another board. It will be much easier to keep track of what I am doing.

Denni Green

If I have to stop sewing and I don’t want to forget what I was doing when I stopped, I use sticky notes to remind myself what I need to do when I get back to the sewing. Sometimes I draw arrows on the note, to show where I stopped.

June Cannon

I like the stickey note idea, but take a step further and put the cut pieces in individual storage bags to keep them even more organized. Makes it easy for keeping everything together and portable.

Molly Burleigh

Nice idea. In addition, I would recommend pinning sticky note to cut fabrics as they can come “unstuck”!


I use sticky notes to number rows and blocks when transferring pieces from design wall to sewing machine.


I will keep cut fabric pieces in plastic bags that zip shut. If they are numbered or lettered, I will write that information on the sticky side of the note and then press it, sticky side up, to the inside of the bag so the information shows through the bag, but the note does not get moved or lost.

Samira Cabral Furtado

I loved this idea! It’s a way to not lose ourselves when we are starting a project.


Sticky notes (a few stacked tog.) can be used for keeping an accurate 1/4 in. measurement on your machine, or any other seam allowance measurement.

I can’t wait to try this. It is such a neat idea. I do use a lot of sticky when I quilt but never this way. Thanks

Judi Richman

I use sticky notes on my machine to note what size needle i have in and when it was replaced. also when working on a quilt, I’ll mark the setting for the stitch I’m using so its easy to get back to the proper stitch when I turn off the machine.

Mrs B#3

great idea to use on the ruler. better than the pain of painters tape pieces to help me remember. I have em anyway for labeling my fabric for piecing the quilt tops. sticky notes are on sale this time of year for back to schoolers.


Instead of sticky notes, I use the address labels. I find they stick better,, and I don’t have a problem with them falling off. I love the idea of using the sticky notes on the ruler. Ingenious.!!


Well I was going to tell my sticky note uses, but my fellow quilters have told all and then some. Thanks for this article, I learned new tips and am proof that an old dog can learn new tricks.

Jan Thurman

I write the length and width on a sticky note and pin it on the leftover fabric of a project. If there is enough left to not take the time to cut it into squares or strips it may be enough for another project at another time.

Thanks for all these wonderful ideas. I will be using them as I am a sticky note fan. I have a pack on my cutting table. When my quilting gets interrupted by life I simply set the sticky notes where I left off, turn off the iron and run. When I walk back into my sewing room, even days later, my sticky note reminds me exactly where I left off.