Quilter flash mob stops traffic in Iowa


Definitely a first in Des Moines and (maybe the world!), a flash mob of quilters from near and far gathered for a mass show-and-tell on the steps of Hyvee Hall during the AQS Des Moines Quilt Show & Contest today.

Klaudeen Hansen (left) and Bonnie Browning led the mob onto the sidewalk.

Executive show director Bonnie Browning led the charge of about 175 volunteer quilt flashers as they made their way outside from the convention center entry hall.

Row by row on cue from Bonnie’s whistle, participants stepped forward to hold up their quilts as traffic came to a halt and a local media helicopter whirred overhead.

The youngest flash mobber at age one month, baby Cora slept through the event but mom had fun!

Laughter, smiles, and singing were observed and appreciated by passersby.

Quilters unite! Des Moines today, perhaps Times Square tomorrow, and Tokyo next week!

Submitted by Christine N. Brown, Editor-in-Chief, American Quilter Magazine

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Betty Snyder

This was the greatest thing today. We all had a great time stopping traffic and showing off our quits and singing our song.

Virginia T

Did anyone get video? Great idea

Jo E

Yeah, Betty, We did have fun serenading. Unfortunately, our group got spilt up and some of us did not get to sing with the group.