Quilted Joy: Selecting Quilt Backing


How To Select Quilt Backing Fabric by Angela Huffman of Quilted Joy

We fall in love with a pattern or a kit and spend time petting our fabrics used in the quilt top. When it comes time for the quilting process it can be intimidating to choose the right backing fabric. Most folks assume color is the deciding factor but that is the last thing to consider!

There are five distinct considerations to make when choosing fabric for the back of your quilt. Ask yourself these five questions and you’ll be sure to pick the right backing fabric.

  1. How will the quilt be used and by whom?
  2. What style fabrics are used in the quilt top?
  3. How confident are you in the quilting to be done?
  4. What color thread will you be using?
  5. Seams or no seams?

Explore how each of these questions influence your choices and dictate what fabrics you should pick from over on the Quilted Joy blog with Angela Huffman.

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