QuiltChat Scrap Quilt-Along: Week Two


Welcome to Week Two of our Scrap Quilt-Along! If you missed last week, click here to catch up.

The Xquisite Scrap Quilt

56 1/4″ x 75″

by Bonnie Browning

Week Two:

Using your sorted piles from last week, combine squares like this:

  • 3 sets of a light square and a dark square (L/D)
  • 3 sets of a light square and a medium square (L/M)
  • 3 sets of a medium square and a dark square (M/D)

Try Bonnie’s fun chain piecing technique to keep everything in order.

Sew the Half Squares:

With the right sides together, chain stitch the three lights and darks together ¼” from one side of the drawn diagonal line. Without cutting the thread, add the three lights and mediums, then continue chain stitching adding the three mediums and darks. Turn the chained unit around and stitch on the opposite side of the drawn diagonal line.

Cut the Half Squares Apart:

Trim and cut the Half Squares apart by cutting from thread to thread of your stitching lines. This will separate the Half Square units and get rid of the dog ears too.

Lay out the quilt:

Start by laying out the L/D units on the diagonal, then fill in the upper left corner with L/M, and the lower right corner with M/D.


Row  Row  Row

1      2      3

L/M  L/M  L/D

L/M  L/D  M/D

L/D  M/D  M/D



Lay Row 2 on the Half Squares in Row 1. Pin the right edge you will sew. DO NOT cut these apart. Sew Row 2 to Row 1.

Lay Row 3 on the Half Squares in Row 2. Put a pin to mark the edge you will sew. The rows will twist, but the pins will help you know where to sew. DO NOT cut these apart. Sew Row 3 to Row 2.

Now all three rows are hooked together, so all you need to do is sew the top row to the center row, then sew the bottom row to the center row.

If you cut the Half Squares apart, I can guarantee you will turn a Half Square the wrong direction, or even turn a whole row around backwards. Keeping the units hooked together with thread prevents errors.

That it is for today… next week we will play with all of the possibilities for sewing the quilt blocks together.


Be sure to join us next week on QuiltChat for the next segment Wednesday at 11 AM (CST) at www.facebook.com/AQSonline
If you miss the live show, you can always catch it on QuiltTV!


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