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From the 54-40 African American Quilters Guild in Virginia to the Yuba-Sutter Valley Quilt Guild in California, the American Quilter’s Society website is home to a documentation of 1,176 quilt guilds! Click HERE to see them all. Is your guild on the list? If not, you can easily register (guild name, contact information, meeting information, and website) on the link provided, and we’ll make it appear!

Getting the word out about your local guild will help to keep quilting alive – and infinitely more inspired – around the world. Often, a new quilter is looking for mentors and seeks a guild for wisdom and encouragement. And, any quilter who moves to a new location will be happy to find out how to contact your group! Looking for others who love quilting as much as you do? If your locale isn’t on our ever-growing list, some online research might lend more guilds from which to choose.

Are you thinking of establishing a quilt guild? Maybe you have an existing “bee” but would like to convert it into a recognized guild. Contact a guild you know about (or that you find here) and ask for a copy of their by-laws, their newsletter, how they handle charity giving and finances, and how they find speakers. Begin by utilizing talent within your own group! Think about what you want your guild to accomplish: Charity? Mystery or round robin quilts? Focus on speakers? Fat quarter swaps? Don’t forget to make some time for Show-and-Tell! Find a meeting place, and start to advertise–on your local quilt shop’s bulletin board, in your local newspaper, and while you’re at it, why not Facebook? Beyond a listing on the AQS Quilt World Connections page, how does YOUR guild manage economical advertising?

A guild can be large or small, and its purposes can encompass one interest or many. American Quilter’s Society has been privileged throughout the last 30 years to have worked with and become acquainted with dozens of quilt guilds at every QuiltWeek® we host around the U.S. We’re grateful for your help–it’s another way that quilters help quilters around the world!

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