Quilt Sightings: Help us make a list!


It’s a great question, and a challenge:
What movies or television programs have quilts in a scene?

I’m thinking Elaine in Seinfeld had a quilt behind her bed on the wall.

In 50 First Dates, you can’t miss the Hawaiian quilt.

More movie quilts that come to mind are You’ve Got Mail, when Meg Ryan is sick and Tom Hanks drops by. (One of my favorites. The movie, that is!) Several quilts have been spotted in Nanny McPhee; of course, children in bed in almost any Disney movie are comforted by a quilt!

How about Holiday Inn, and The Christmas Shoes? And Gone With the Wind. (When was the last time you watched those classics?)

Pepper Cory mentioned “Quilts Seen in Movies” in her Quilt Flap blog. She admired National Velvet’s historically correct quilt, but took special notice of the quilts in Coal Miner’s Daughter and the TV movie, Sarah, Plain and Tall. They were wrong for their time! This spawns a secondary list: Out of Sync Movie Quilts (Quilt styles and fabrics that came later than the movie!)

What quilt-sightings can you add? Comment and we’ll keep a running list!

Quilts Seen in Movies and TV   (Updated 11/18/2013….thanks for all the great responses, here and on the American Quilter’s Society Facebook page!  Keep ’em coming, anytime you see one!)

Count: 117 and climbing!

2 Broke Girls

50 First Dates

Abba (the movie)

Addams Family

All’s Fair in Love

All Mine to Give

The Americans

The Amish Murders

Andy Griffith Show

Angel and the Bad Man

Anne of Green Gables

Army Wives

As Time Goes By

Baby Boom

The Babymaker

Barney’s Big Adventure

Best in Show

The Beverly Hillbillies

Bicentennial Man

Big Bang Theory

Big Valley

The Birdcage



The Bridges of Madison County

Buried Alive

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


The Christmas Shoes

Christmas with the Kranks


Coal Miner’s Daughter

Cold Mountain


Criminal Minds “All that Remains”

Dances With Wolves

Days and Nights of Molly Dodd

The Descendants


Doc Hollywood

Downton Abbey

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Everybody Loves Raymond

Everyday Use

The Family Stone


The Firm

Five Easy Pieces

Forrest Gump

Friendly Persuasion


Gilmore Girls

Gone With the Wind

Grapes of Wrath

The Great American Quilt Revival

The Green Lantern

Groundhog Day


The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

Hawaii 5-0

Holiday Inn

Home Alone


The Horse Whisperer

How to Make an American Quilt

I Love Lucy

It Happened One Night

Lassie comes Home

Law and Order: Criminal Intent

Law and Order: SVU


Little House on the Prairie

Little Women


Love Comes Softly series

The Mirror Has Two Faces

Must Love Dogs

Nanny McPhee


National Velvet


Nights in Rodanthe

Once Upon a Time (Modern Snow White)


Pride and Prejudice

The Princess and the Frog

The Proposal


Pulp Fiction

The Rainmaker


Rules of Engagement (t-shirt quilt episode)

Sarah, Plain and Tall

Saratoga Trunk


Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Sergeant York


Sleepy Hollow



Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek IX: Insurrection

Steel Magnolias



Terms of Endearment

Under the Dome

Wagon Train

The Walking Dead

The Waltons

When Harry Met Sally

Where the Red Fern Grows


Wizard of Oz

You’ve Got Mail

The Young and the Restless

Disney movies

Many Hallmark movies

Most Lifetime movies

Most of The Three Stooges movies

and a Progressive ad, with three bears in a cabin.


Out of Sync Movie Quilts

Coal Miner’s Daughter

Sarah, Plain and Tall

Little House on the Prairie (some are depression-era quilts)


I’ll be gathering some great behind-the-scenes information about the quilters who provide movie quilts. Watch for it in a near-future blog! -AH

Thanks to gardenweb.com forums for some hints!

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Carol Grant

I have seen several in The Waltons!

In the old TV show Big Valley they used the same quilt over and over in different episodes. It looks like it might be a “cheater cloth” quilt, where the fabric is printed to look like an appliqué quilt.

Karen Scribner

At the end of the movie Switchback (suspense, Dennis Quaid, Danny Glover) there is a child’s. quilt.


In the movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Jane Powell wears two different dresses that look like they’re made out of quilts. One looks like a crazy quilt, the other looks like some kind of star quilt.

Jenny Fifer

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers has three different quilts. On of the brides has a dress that is a quilt block.

debbie lee

An obvious movie-How To Make An American Quilt!! Series-Little House On The Prairie


Don’t forget my favourite show …… Little House on the Prairie has quilts in almost every episode! 🙂

The children in the show “Dexter” always slept under quilts.

Renata Pires

Stepmom withSusan sarandon and Julia Roberts

Lynn Goodwin

I’ve seen quilts on Law and Order:SVU, Law and Order: Criminal Intent. They have been displayed on the walls. Also have seen quilts on the new Hawaii 5O,Hawaiian quilts.

Pam Lawrence

I’ve seen quilts in Cold Mountain (newer movie) and Saratoga Trunk and Lassie Come Home (old movies)as well as a couple of I Love Lucy episodes when they moved to the farm in Connecticut.

Melanie Steiner

I have noticed quilts in a lot of the movies shown on Hallmark Chanel and the Hallmark Movie Chanel. Some are historical type movies and some are modern movies.


The Green Lantern! Hal was in his nephew’s bedroom and hanging as the headboard was a great kids quilt.





Angela Wilson

Last weeks episode of Nashville had a memory quilt made by the wonderful ladies at The Quilting Squares in Franklin, Tn.

Anita Bowen

The movie Lincoln has a beautiful modified 9 Patch.

I always remember the beautiful quilt Bill Murray is sleeping under in the Ground Hog Day movie. We see it over and over because that scene is repeated over and over in the movie.

Cyndy Ray

Little House On the Prairie always had a quilt or two in their shows!

Terry Poor

There were quilts used in the movie “Angel and the Bad Man” with John Wayne and I think his co-star’s name was Gail Russell. It’s always fun to see the quilts that they used. They were also in the 1980 version of “Pride and Prejudice”. Now I’ll have to get out my DVDs and see if they were in each of the other Jane Austen’s book-based movies.

Little house on the prairie has often used quilts…..I remember seeing some depression era quilts on the beds….the needed a quilt historian!

The Calico Quilter

On the old series “The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd” in the 1980’s there was a quilt hung on the wall behind her bed. I remember it contained a lot of pink but don’t remember the pattern.

Cindy K.K.

The Molly Dodd quilt pattern was called “Double Z”. I remember having a discussion about that one with a guild member at the time. Very graphic single block style quilt.

Regina yuneman

The Horse Whisperer


A good idea would be a collection of screen photos. My favorite scene shows Kevin Costner with a quilt under a covered wagon in “Dancing With Wolves”


My great aunt told me once that the quilt pattern mentioned was originally designed by my ancestors. She said that in Germany, where my family originated from, quilt designs were used like a coat of arms or plaid pattern and that the quilts were unique to the clans. I would love to know more information about this pattern in particular, if anyone knows where to begin!

Sharlene Van Rooy

You have to include “Little House on the Prairie”


Must Love Dogs has a quilt in it, very briefly.

Yvonne Carlson

I was noticing again yesterday, the quilt used on the British sitcom “As Time Goes By”. It seems to fit with the time period.

Bonnie Maclean

On tv show The Americans there is a pretty quilt hanging over the bed.

Rick Campbell

I have been trying to find pictures and/or a pattern for that quilt. I love the irregular border and the beautiful star pattern. If anyone has a picture or knows the pattern, I’d love to for you to share it.

Dawn Siden

Groundhog Day! I love the quilt Bill Murray wakes up under every morning!

Be Loomis

In the movie “The Descendents” there is a beautiful Hawaiian quilt on the mother’s bed in the hospital. The same quilt appears in the final scene on the laps of George Clooney and the two girls as they eat ice cream and watch TV.

Linda Harris

Diane Keaton must love quilts – “Baby Boom” and “The Family Stone.”


British TV show “As Time Goes By” has the same quilt on their bed through the entire series.

Mark Mulder

I remember quilts featured on Little House on the Prairie and an episode of Rules of Engagement focused around a T-Shirt Quilt. As for Movies there was a mention of a Zig Zag Quilt being made in Anne of Green Gables.

Mark Mulder

Two more came to mind Polyana where quilts were made for raffle and the pinwheel quilt on the bed in the British comedy As Time Goes By,

Connie Brown

The movie Nell, My friend, made that quilt.

Kevin B.

I’ve seen so many, I thought about a page on my web site with images and references.
Terms of Endearment has a lovely tied quilt on the death bed in the hospital.
Wizard of Oz, several, but when I saw the 3D version in Imax, I noticed the Ocean Waves quilt in the background of the scene where the Pre-witch is about to take Toto and is talking with Dorothy’s aunt and uncle.

Lisa Krenz

When my kids were little I remember seeing a beautiful Dresden plate quilt and other 30s scrappy quilts in the farm house in of all movies, “Barney’s Big Adventure”. I remember thinking, “Is it wrong to covet things from a Barney movie?” 🙂


Being an original Addams Family fan, I noticed a Rail Fence quilt in at least one if not more episodes. In black and white, of course! Have no idea what the colors might have been.


There’s a couple of quilts in Once upon a time. The one that caught my eye is in the episode when Ruby meets her mother. The quilt hanging up in the “wolf den”.


When Harry Met Sally.


Homeland – when Carrie and Brody are in the cabin by the lake.


Downton Abbey – a beautiful strippy quilt was on the hospital bed when Mary gave birth.


Best in Show – Stefan and Scott hang a wonderful quilt on their hotel wall.

Lynn Heumann

I love that quilt. I’d love to have the pattern


There is another scene from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers that also features quilts. After a long winter, the brides wear dresses made from quilts while they and the brothers sing and dance around the farm celebrating the arrival of spring


Katharine Hepburn dances with a quilt in The Rainmaker (1956). Our town did that play and I donated a quilt for that scene.

Betty from CA and now MI

In the scene in ‘Steel Magnolia’ where Shelby (Julia Roberts) is telling her mom (Sally Field) that she is going to have a baby, they walk into the bedroom and there is a lovely quilt on a rack in the background. It looks like an applique quilt.

Shellie Purcell

The movie, “Star Trek IX: Insurrection,” has a beautiful art quilt portrarying the village’s view of the mountain. Wanted to replicate it, but never got it done…..

Shellie Purcell

The first and only season of The TV version “The Firm” shows the most beautiful quilt in several episodes. It hangs in the conferece room of the insurance company. At first glance you think amish or antique, but I think it’s modern. The gradation of values is awesome! Will have to rent it just to see the quilt again!

Sue Fitzpatrick

Sssssss. Is a 1973 movie, a man was in bed with a quilt over him as a doctor was injecting serum into him to Turn him into a cobra. I made this quilt and I still have the quilt.


the Beverly Hillbilly’s there’s one on the car. every episode. and in an episode with Uncle Jed in bed