Quilt Photography…and Charley


It’s important to photograph your quilts carefully for quilt contest preliminary judging. Why not also photograph them to their greatest advantage for posts on MyQuiltPlace – and Facebook? How about featuring a favorite family quilt on your Christmas cards this year as a tribute to your quilting heritage! Also, because there are so many good reasons to document the history and value of quilts, keeping a visual record is a wonderful way to catalog your own or your family’s collection in a manner that will be enlightening for years to come.

We can’t think of anyone better qualified than Charley Lynch to let you in on the secrets of quilt photography. When you read AQS books, browse through American Quilter magazine, or surf americanquilter.com, have you ever wondered who’s behind the camera on all our quilts? That’s Charley, who has been a valuable part of AQS since its inception.

He says that a good mentor, an aptitude for photography, and the chance to hone his photography skills eight hours a day, five days a week since 1993 have made him the professional he is today. Charley enjoys the tangible results of his work and the fact that he’s exposed to some of the best quilts in the world every day.

Here’s Charley with some expert tips for photographing YOUR quilts.







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