Quilt Matchup: Stash vs Cash


Quilt Matchup


Linda has done it again! This time she comes right into your studio and gets things shaking!  Quilt Matchup: Stash vs Cash offers just that, one quilt, two ways. Sometimes the changes in fabric selection lend to better piecing methods, and Linda is all over that too.


With eight matchups, there’s the possibility for 16 different quilts. But please don’t think this is only a project book – Linda takes you from the beginning to the end! Step by step, you’ll love the process. With no shortage of shortcuts, this book is a keeper. You’ll love the fun quilts, enjoy playing in your studio, and treasure Linda’s tips, tricks, and techniques.


Take a look at some of her stash creations – 

Rocky Road by Linda J. Hahn
Rocky Road 56″ x 56″ Pieced and quilted by Linda J. Hahn


Not So Tuffy by Linda J. Hahn
Not So Tuffy 82″ x 82″ Pieced and Quilted by Linda J. Hahn


Just My Luck by Janet Byard and Linda J. Hahn.
Just My Luck! 54″ x 62″ Pieced by Janet Byard. Quilted by Linda J. Hahn.


Loopy Libby by Nancy Rock and Linda J. Hahn.
Loopy Libby 72″ x 72″ Pieced by Nancy Rock. Quilted by Linda J. Hahn.


Twinkle Twinkle Little Levi by Kim Ruger and Linda J. Hahn
Twinkle Twinkle Little Levi 48″ x 60″ Pieced by Kim Ruger. Quilted by Linda J. Hahn


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