Quilt Label Survey


Tell us how you label your quilts in this quick five question survey. Come back next week to learn what your fellow quilters share.



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Violette McConnell

I think Labels are just as important as the quilt – it completes the package.

David Fohl

I just started quilting and I just started labeling my work

Billlie Lauder

Back in 1976 a women from the Smithsonian came and spoke to my quilt guild – SFVQA in CA. She wanted us to be aware of the quilts in their collection that they will never know who had made them. I have been labeling my quilts ever since. I have quilts that my grandmother and mother made and it is very important to me that that is known.


I love making a customized label!


Don’t have one

Judy Manuel

A quilt label is the provenance of the quilt. It’s as important as the history of any other piece of artwork.

Kathy Clark

Labels are important. So sad to look at these beautiful old quilts and it remains unknown who made it, when and where. A personalized label means the world to its recipient. Always sign your artwork!


I use a very old program from HP to create and print on fabric my personal label. It’s not done till the labels on.

Arretta Rainey

Is there an updated label program for computers. Had to buy a new computer and new computer will not support old label program?

Diane Calkin

Date, location and name of quilt maker are most important but the more information the better for future family members and historians.

Patty King

I have a custom template I hand draw onto muslin. I also number my quilts – assigned when I’m done, so I know how many I’ve finished. I like to add a little graphic that represents the quilt, and I always give it a name. I’m not done until I’ve added my label.

Diana I Ingersoll

Used to use purchased name labels, now I write on fused fabric to match top with archival pen. (also stitched on) If it’s a known pattern I add the name. Like the “I Spy” baby quilt just finished. Added the baby’s name and birth date also.

Terry Lopez

I always label my quilts. I usually add a meaningful image. Sometimes I write on the printed label too. I feel it makes the quilt complete and the receiver feel special.

I am new to quilting & am trying to locate a good, small font to use for the label. Any suggestions? I would like something that I can embroider on my embroidery machine. Thanks!

Rebecca Ann Turner

I rarely label my quilts because I feel/felt that the new owner wouldn’t want this odd tag on their quilt. Now, after reading Judy Manuel’s statement about (A quilt label is the provenance of the quilt. It’s as important as the history of any other piece of artwork.), I must rethink my position.

Karen Williams

Rebecca, a label can be tucked into a corner or even along the bottom edge in the center, wherever you think it might not be readily noticed. Many recipients appreciate knowing the quilt’s information & the more personalized, the better. The labels can be made of the same fabric used on the backing & hence, less noticeable. I use labels as an opportunity to include some scrap pieces underneath (or a pocket) for mending if later needed. Arretta, many printers can print on fabric sheets & if you don’t have a program for labels, just use Word or another word… Read more »

Nancy Morgen

I make Art Quilts, and I individualize the label for each quilt.

Fran Bodle

I started labeling all my quilts when I stared quilting. My husband now makes my labels for me on my embroidery machine. They have name of quilt (not name of pattern but I rename), made by and month and year finished. I also add an embroidery design or frame.


I’m fairly new to the world of quilting after 50 years of sewing. I’ve been doing it about 15 months. Labeling is the finishing touch.


I like to make my label early and piece it into the backing. No one will be removing that one.

JoAnne Fox

Reading the comments, I think it’s time I start labelling my quilts. Haven’t thus far.