Quilt Contest Part 3: Categories – Where do you belong?


In last week’s post, we covered the basic ideas of general rules, categories, permissions, and deadlines.

After several questions about categories, we thought we’d take a closer look this week.

  • Size

To start, measure your quilt.

In the chart below, you will notice the size requirement is slightly different from one AQS quilt contest to another.


Looking at the width of your quilt:

  • If your quilt width is 60″ or larger, it falls under the large quilt categories.
  • If your quilt width is between 30″ to 60″, it falls under the wall or small wall quilt categories depending on the quilt contest you enter.
  • If your quilt is less than 30″ wide, it may fit one of the special categories.

For a complete list of all Quilt Contest categories and sizes visit:


  • Quilting Method

The next large distinction among the categories is how the quilt was quilted. For AQS Quilt Contests, at least 75% of the quilting must be completed using the category method. Stationary Sewing Machine includes the use of any sewing machine that allows the quilter to move the fabric rather than the machine and it sits on or is mounted on a table. Movable Quilting Machine includes any machine that allows the quilter to move the machine head rather than the fabric and is mounted on a frame.

  • 1st Entry in a Contest Specific Show

The final thing is to ask yourself, “Have I ever entered a quilt into AQS Daytona (insert any of the locations except Grand Rapids) QuiltWeek Quilt Contest before?” If the answer is no, you are eligible for this category as long as your quilt meets all the other requirements listed in the category description for that specific show. This is a good category to consider.

IMPORTANT: This category is not limited to the first quilt you made. Some feel they are not eligible for this category because they have made several quilts. The 1st time nature of this category refers only to having entered the show’s quilt contest, it does not refer to your experience level as a quilter.

Check out the Specific Rules for each of the AQS QuiltWeek Quilt Contests.

Do you still have questions?

Visit http://www.quiltweek.com/frequently-asked-questions for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Still have questions? Contact our Contest Coordinator.




Andrea Ray

Contest Coordinator
Ph: 270-898-7903 x 174


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What are the white spaces in the chart? Does Fall Paducah have only two categories?