Quilt 2018 – One-Patch


The AQS Quilt 2018 project for September is One-Patch!

At the beginning of the year, you made a list of all the quilt making techniques you’d like to try in 2018 and put them in a jar. Then, you chose your own personal color of the year. You are ready!

If you missed last month’s project, check it out. We created Modern quilts.

Our style for this month is One-Patch.

 One-Patch quilts use the same piece repeatedly to create a design. Historically, and often still today, these quilts were made using a single template. You may recognize the popular One-Patch shape, the hexagon. Affectionately referred to as a Hexie quilt, the repetitive use the hexagon expresses the range a One-Patch quilt can have. One-Patch doesn’t mean boring.

Below are examples of One-Patch quilts from finalists in the Fall Paducah Quilt Contest to inspire you:

HANDFULS OF SCRAPS features a Hexie center with lavish applique borders added.

Here, Gail Weiss has taken Hexies in a completely different direction. No one says a One-Patch quilt has to be conventional!


For more inspiration, pick up a copy of the 2018 Catalog of Show Quilts for the AQS QuiltWeek – Fall Paducah Quilt Contest to see these quilts and many other creative quilts.


Here we’ve shown you some fun Hexie quilts, but there are a large variety of One-Path designs. Which are you going to play with?

Draw your technique from your jar, think about clever ways to play with your color of the year, and start creating.

Next week we will dive into techniques to play with. There are so many to try. 

Give us a shout in the comments below letting us know your technique of choice or share with us on our Facebook group AQS Project Parade.

Let’s get started!

One-Patch Design Inspiration

Giant Apple Core Quilt

Want to catch up on previous month’s projects? Visit Quilt 2018.

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