Quilt 2018 – Landscape


The AQS Quilt 2018 project for February is Landscape Quilts!

Last month, you made a list of all the quilt making techniques you’d like to try in 2018 and put them in a jar. Then, you chose your own personal color of the year. You are ready!

If you missed last month’s project, check it out. We created Optical Illusions.

Our style for this month is Landscape.

Landscape quilts use fabric, construction, quilting, and embellishment to depict a scene. While they may have animals, birds, or people in them, they are not the focus. 

Landscape quilts were among the first art quilts in the quilting movement. 

Mountains by Mickey Lawler 2011

Landscape quilts create depth and give the illusion of distance through color, value, and scale. The horizon is a common feature in the quilts and often creates a point of focus. 

Any construction technique can be used in the creation of a landscape.

Sails by Mickey Lawler 1992

Patchwork Landscape by Jo Diggs 1993

Draw your technique from your jar, think about clever ways to play with your color of the year, and recreate the world through your own eyes.

Next week we will offer you a project you can give a try or use as inspiration. 

Give us a shout in the comments below letting us know your technique of choice or share with us on our Facebook group AQS Project Parade.

Let’s get started!

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I love the landscape quilts, but do you embellish them first or quilt them first?

Jane Luna

Such a great and informative post. This can be a big help for me with my future project