Quilt 2018 – Creative Quilt Challenge


Here at AQS we are all about inspiring quilters. Many of you have mentioned a desire to try new things and take your quiltmaking up a notch. We’ve been brainstorming ways to inspire you in the new year with a creative quilt challenge, and we think you are going to love it!

Welcome to the AQS Quilt 2018 Project…

All skill levels welcome.

Begin Here

  • Make a list of techniques you’d like to try in 2018. Cut out each technique on your list, fold it up, and put it in a jar.
    • You can pick construction techniques, quilting techniques, embellishment techniques – whatever you want to try.
    • We have a list of 16 quiltmaking techniques to inspire you.
    • Try to have at least 12 items on your list.


  • Select a color of the year, what is your signature color this year? Pick a color you want to explore and play with.

There you go, your part is finished. You have a jar full of techniques you can’t wait to try, along with your personal color of the year.

Now for our part.

  • Each month we will pick a style of quilting for you to try. Along with the style, we will offer a style guide, tips, and project suggestions. We will even include a free pattern to spark your creativity.
    • To recap, you can expect:
      • A style (modern, art, traditional…you get the idea)
      • A style guide (overviewing the history of the style, known artists, and shining examples)
      • Project suggestions (a brainstorming list for you to add to and select from)
      • A free pattern (in the selected style, of course. This is a suggested project, if you have something you’d rather do, by all means, please do that!)

The Projects

Each month you will draw a technique from your jar and we will pick a style. You will put these together along with your personal color of the year to create a project. It can be an original design or you are welcome to use the free pattern we will offer.

Share Your Projects

Share your projects with fellow quilter on our AQS Quilting Project Parade Facebook Group. Let us know you are taking part in Quilt 2018 by joining the group and sharing your personal color of the year selection. (You are also welcome to share quilting projects throughout the year here!) You can also use #Quilt2018 when sharing on Social Media.

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Baltimore Album – Visit the November Challenge!

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Alma Croix

Thank you for the Big Block patterns! I beleive these will help me get back to quilting. You see, I completed a Double Wedding Ring top for a son-in-law three years ago. Then went on a 2 month RV trip through the western United States with my husband. (We had a blast!) We were home for 3 weeks and hubby tells me we were walking the dogs one morning when I collapsed. I awakened in ICU of a local hospital, after having emergency brain surgery for a sub-sural hemotoma. I am fine now, but the desire to quilt hasn’t returned… Read more »


I think I would like try either ROBERT KAUFMAN KONA COTTON COLOR OF THE YEAR 2018 – TIGER LILY or Pantone color of the year princely purple.

Lauri Homuth

Alma, after such an experience if all you are “missing” is the urge to quilt, I would say you’re lucky! But if you were doing such patterns as double wedding ring, you must have a skill for great quilting. Good luck! Maybe by starting and finishing small projects first will help pull back the passion for fabric and quilting. I have sort of “burn-out” now after working feverishly on Christmas quilts, but I have patience to wait for the urge to return. A very small version of what you went through.

Mary Goldsberry

This sounds like a great idea to share with my quilt guild. We are getting ready to start a new year with a new Vice president in charge of programming. She can get some great ideas or individual members can play along. I’ll definitely share!

Roberta Ellis

Alma, I understand. I had major surgery a year ago and I’m still not quite 100%. I have 11 finished quilt tops on one end of my sewing table and a large box full of fabric and patterns at the other end. I’m working my way into getting enough gumption to do something with all that stuff. Sometimes recovery takes more time that we think.

I would like to buy a book on landscape quilts. Do you have that?

Hi Natalie. Here is a link to a search for “landscape quilt books” on ShopAQS: https://shop.americanquilter.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Landscape+quilt+books I think you will be able to find some good books there. Also, check out the online classes on iquilt.com here: https://www.iquilt.com/?s=landscape&post_type=course. Let us know if we can be of further assistance. ~ Sylvia Thomas, AQS Social Media Manager