TQL contributing editor Meg Cox is a busy lady. Besides writing books and magazine articles, she’s president of the Quilt Alliance, the organization behind the Quilt Index, that massive online database of quilts in museum collections. The Alliance is also responsible for Q.S.O.S – Quilters Save Our Stories. This is a grassroots project, and you don’t have to leave your home town to take part. I bet there’s more than one quilter you feel so lucky to know–someone whose unique quilt life needs to be recorded and saved as part of our collective quilt story. You, personally, can make that happen. Find out how in the October TQL Helping Hands article on page 26.

But back to Meg. She sends out an outstanding eNewsletter once a month, Quilt Journalist Tells All. In the September issue she talks about the recent “Quilters Take Manhattan” event hosted by the Alliance, the new director of the American Folk Art Museum, and what Dustin Hoffman said about Kaffe Fassett (no kidding!) Meg also mentions our TQL article about Q.S.O.S. Thanks, Meg! Here’s the link to her newsletter. (You may have to copy and paste it into your browser.)

By the way, the other day I was asked where TQL is sold. Try your local Jo-Ann or Barnes & Noble first. Some, but not all, stock TQL. You can always order individual copies from americanquilter.com. Click The Quilt Life and choose “back issues” from the pull down menu. You’ll find TQL in the “buy books” section…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

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