Proudly Printed in the United States of America


Whenever we get a new book delivered to our AQS office, there is a lot of excitement. The entire staff is justifiably proud of our books. AQS publications are known worldwide for timely topics, clear writing, beautiful color photos, and accurate illustrations and patterns.

We are also proud of the  logo that appears on the back of each of our books. From our very beginning in 1984,  our publications have been printed in the  USA. To this day, we continue to have our printing done domestically. It is important to us to keep Americans working.

So rest assured, the next time you purchase an AQS publication, you are buying a product “Proudly Printed and Bound in the United States of America.”

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Mary Bennett

Keep printing in America. I love to see that on anything. I’m proud of you. Thankyou