Pick the 2018 QuiltArt Cover!


Take a long hard look at these QuiltArt Engagement Calendar 2018 covers. One will be the lucky winner selected by AQS fans everywhere!

Complete the survey below and vote for your favorite. On December 31, 2016 the votes will be tallied and in the winner will be posted here January 4, 2017.


Out of the Box by Klaudeen Hansen, Quilted by Rebecca Smith, Out of the Box Pattern by Jessica J.E. Smith.


The winner is – Sunset in Maui by Rebecca Belsaas


Buzzing Dots by Marge Pearson, Quilted by Jesse Ziegler


Happy days by Mary Martin, Quilted by Michelle Pettorini, Cubit Pattern by Stephanie Sheridan and Linda Leatherstitch, Stitched Together Studios


Congratulations to Sunset in Maui by Rebecca Belsaas!

Get your 2018 Quilt Art today!

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Karla Poggen

Sunset in Maui has “COVER” written all over it.

Jody Palm

Let’s go contemporary!

AnnLouise Pugh

Tough choice between the mandala and the modern intertwining squares one….I could easily make the modern one (I am a cross between an art quilter and a modern quilter) but I love the look of the mandala, which would be much harder to make….decisions!


Love the bright modern look!


All interesting. Just went with gut feeling.

Anne Brennan



I like this one.


I like the kaleidoscope pattern and the intense colors of this quilt the best. Actually I liked them all, but this one really grabbed my attention.

The colors, pattern, and level difficulty are very appealing.

Patricia Ankrom

I prefer the medallion style quilts like the Sunset in Maui quilt.

Kathy Retherford

Love the colors and the use of negative space.

Mary Ann Clark

Beautiful quilt

Tinne Jensen

Buzzing dots gives mee a bright vision . Nice to look at for a long time – a whole year – every day 🙂

Tinne Jensen

Buzzing dots gives mee a bright vision . Nice to look at for a long time – a whole year – every day ?


Beautiful design!


It was hard to pick just one!

Sharon bottini

All are beautiful?difficult choice


Love the colors and the graphics. This one looked fresh and happy.


amazing use of color and pattern the quilting it outstanding

kim wiest


connie wilson

I like the design for Sunset. I also think the design is a good use of color.


I always like a fresh take on dresdens.


It takes my breathe away! So beautiful!

Donna Albright

All of the quilts submitted for consideration were very nice. I just prefer this one of the few that were offered.

Kaye Walker

“Out Of The Box” speaks to all quilters. It’s simple enough for beginners yet elegant and artistic for all.

Bonnie Moench

Happy Days by Mary Martin is my vote. I am not sure if this is where I register my vote as I am unable to bring this quilt up to vote.
This is one of the most interesting quilts I have seen in ages.

Pattern really attracts the eye.

Teresa FUSCO

Colors are Rich looking

Debra McGuinness

Clean and an optical illusion of sorts too!

Dianne Young

What a beautiful graphic design!!!

Paula Pike

I love the cover choices.


I like the first quilt best.


Sunset in Maui is stunning! The level of difficulty and the intensity make it a winner! It stands out!

Martha Brooks

Happy Days by Mary Martin is beautiful. Lots of color and something a little different which is refreshing.


I love the color choices of Sunset.

Sandra Laws

Sunset in Maui!




Out of the box…love the interlocking, geometric bright solids!

Barbara Kowal

Very different

Lorie B.

Love the sunset in Maui!


I love scrappy, so had to pick Buzzing Dots!


Love the modern look!

Lynn Lybolt

Love! Sunset in Hawaii!


I absolutely love su set in Maui! Beautifully done


I knew immediately which cover I would choose. I love “color & different”! My choice was…..GUESS! Just kidding! ?
Because I love purple & have loved kaleidoscopes since childhood, which it immediately reminded me of, I chose Sunset in Maui. I absolutely love it!!

Sunset in Maui is the most complicated and eye catching to me.


Like the colors.

Sueanne M

They are all nice but I love “Sunset in Maui”

Rose Marie

I loved the dramatic use of fabrics in the Happy Days quilt.

Connie Davenport

I love “Sunset in Maui”