You Will Love These Perfect Applique Tools


Applique allows quilters to create images without limitations using fabric and thread. Whether stitched by hand or by machine, applique can take a long time to make, so when you make it, you want it to look perfect. That’s where Karen Kay Buckley’s perfect applique tools come in! They take the stress out of circles, leaves, and stems.

Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Circles

perfect applique tools

These are the original applique circle superstars. Choose from 15 different circle sizes ranging from 7/16″ to 2″ for a total of 60 circles. Check out Karen’s demonstration of how to use them below!

How easy is that? The best part is the circles can be used for hand or machine applique with beautiful results every time.

Karen Kay Buckley’s Bigger Perfect Circles

perfect applique tools

Expand your circle with the Bigger Perfect Circles. Choose from 10 different circle sizes ranging from 2 1/4” to 4 1/2” with 20 circles total!

Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Leaves

This package contains 15 different leaf sizes ranging from 7/16″ x 11/16″ to 2 1/4″ x 1 1/8″ big. You’ll get leaves with sharp points every time.

The leaves don’t even require stitches! But of course, where there are leaves, there are stems, and there’s a tool for that too!

Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Stems

perfect applique tools

The stems come in 8 different colors and sizes ranging from 1/8″ to just under 1/2″ wide.

And it’s easy to make long stems too.

Don’t forget these other perfect applique tools!

It’s hard to choose favorites among Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors, but these are our favorites for applique: the Perfect 4″, the Perfect Curved, and the Perfect 7½” Scissors. Karen has been using nothing but serrated edge scissors to cut her fabric for the past 25 years. The serrated blade pulls the fabric into the scissors rather than pushing it away like traditional scissors and it helps keep the fabric from fraying. The 4″ scissors are great for detail cutting on curves and points. The 7½” scissors are great for cutting single or multiple layers of fabric. And the tip of the curved scissors allows for close clipping without cutting into your quilt top. All of these scissors have a very comfortable handle and are easy to use for either right or left-handed users.

perfect applique tools

Here is Karen’s pick for the Perfect Applique Pin. It is very, very skinny and very sharp. There are fifty 1 1/2″ pins in each plastic tube.

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(Quilt pictured in header is Rosemaling in Baltimore by Betsey Langford.)

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