Pam Bono: We’ll Miss You


The quilting world was stunned to hear that well-known quilter, designer, and quilting tool innovator Pam Bono died on September 21, 2014, at her home in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.


Pam was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. When she realized that her first career as a graphic artist was not what she wanted to do with her life, she began designing crafts and quilts in 1978. That business was called “Flying Fingers.” The kits and patterns were in every major chain store in the U.S.A.

Over 200,000 of her TRANSPORTATION QUILT patterns were sold when it appeared on the cover of “Better Homes & Gardens” magazine in 1981. She continued to create exclusive designs for “Better Homes & Gardens” and their Craft & Book Club for 17 years.

A move to Colorado brought a new beginning, as her business, Pam Bono Designs, became reality. Quick piecing techniques evolved, including The Angler, a tool used by millions. Pam Bono Designs authored ten books for Leisure Arts. New techniques and a desire to help quilters learn led to Pam’s Club, a membership website targeted toward quilters who enjoy the hundreds of patterns and instructional videos on the site.

Pam was the mother of two sons and was passionate about bulldogs. She had an infectious laugh and keen business sense. The thousands of beautiful designs that Pam designed will live on. We will miss her.



Rocky Mountain Dreamin’


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Hello, why did you not mention Pam’s husband Robert, they were Pam Bono Designs!, they died together in tragic circumstances……but they did die together! If Dallas can talk about them both in his obitutory, I think it would have been decent of whoever wrote your article to do the same. Annette, Australia

Leslie Constant

I have been a HUGE fan of Pam and now find myself desperately looking for her patterns. I truly miss seeing her beautiful work but, relish in what she has out there for us to enjoy!
Is there somewhere we can order patterns.. I have looked everywhere and most links do not work and the face book site is from 2014. I would love to know if they are still available.

Susan Wright

I am still trying to find out what exactly happened to them. I am so very saddened buy your loss. Please email me and let me know.


Autumn Motif pattern via Craftsy member Cottage Quilt Pam’s Club – A Division of Pam Bono Designs

Barbara Seiberling

I teach quilting classes at a local quilt shop. We have always used the Angler 2 to make half square triangles for my classes. The shop has sold all of the Angler 2’s that were in stock. Is there a site to purchase them. Amazon does not have them at present.

What a loss with the death of Pam. Her patterns were beautiful and she was a great talent. She is missed by all.


Sorry for your loss. I want to ask if anyone reads this…. I absolutely LOVE this quilt called Rocky Mountain Dreamin, my sister LOVES it too!!!! She wants me to make it for her but I cant find the patern can anyone share it with m please???


I am a huge fan of Pam Bono and I am devastated by her tragic death. I hope her family finds the strength to recover from such a tragedy. I have collected her patterns for years and have made several of her quilts! I am left feeling so empty that that it seems that her patterns will be taken with her. The sudden stop of her website has left me feeling empty that we will no longer have access to her wonderful works of art. I could only think that out of this tragedy that having her memory be honored… Read more »

Hi Mary. We share your profound sadness at the loss of such a great talent in our industry. I have tried to find an answer to your question about copyrights and this is what I found: A copyrighted work does not become public domain when its owner dies. The length of time a work is protected by copyright depends on when the work was made/published as well as when the author dies. In modern US copyright law, for works made by individuals (not works made by corporations), works are protected for the author’s entire life plus 70 years. As far… Read more »

Karen Pollard

Mary, did you ever find out if her patterns were still available through anyone?


Pam Bono Designs is what turned my interest in quilting. Reading her articles and stories about her family made me feel like a friend. Yet we never met. She posted one of my quilts and I was so proud and confident after that. I continued to buy her patterns. I think I have lots of them, all of which I intend to make. I will miss her words. I would like to share my finished projects with others. Some I would like to sell. Would that be wrong to do? Would I offend her family? I think it’s beautiful art.… Read more »

Suzanne Gallard

This is all very sad. Not sure if anyone is still reading this after all this time but I have a friend who is looking for a Pam Bono pattern called “Pushing up Daisies”. Was wondering if anyone could help.


I am looking for a couple of patterns that Pam Bono created.
1 – Crazy Patch Log Wreath – i think this was only available from her website
2 – These Boots – this was a pattern available in quilt stores.
Does anyone have these patterns that they would part with?

Shirley MacKillop

I have part 1 of a quilt called circle of blooms published in The Quilters Magazine but it cannot find part 2 of this quilt. Can anyone help me