Paint & Stitch: Vibrant Acrylic Quilts with Katie Pasquini Masopust



Grab a paint brush and join the fun! This is a great technique for anyone wanting to try something fun and new while staying in the comfort of quilting. Katie’s techniques produce stunning results even if you’ve never worked with acrylic paints.

Make three different paintings by layering paints and fabrics. Then, use Katie’s method to cut the canvases apart and sew them together to create something completely new! 

Then it gets even more exciting as Katie demonstrates many ways to use your new fabric. Try cover books or calendars for personalized gift giving and even how to make her six-minute zippered bag!


Visit Katie today at

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I’ve almost completed this class and was surprised several times through at the possibilities it raised for creating quilting fabric. I haven’t painted anything other than furniture and walls for many years, but her instructions are so clear and inspiring to just “give it a go” that I can’t wait to try these techniques. She teaches about the right way to dilute the paints that thins without affecting color and ways they will dry on the paint. A new, artistic way to look at creating quilted wall hangings. She’s an excellent teacher and I really like this class.

Looks good. It is amazing how these three come together, so beautiful.