Paducah Sewalong: Double Wedding Ring Sampler


2019 AQS Paducah Sewalong

Double Wedding Ring Sampler

Purple and Gold Wedding Ring Sampler Quilt

104″ x 104″

or pick…

70″ x 70″ (see details at the bottom of this post)

Join us for our latest sewalong, the Double Wedding Ring Sampler or Spring 2019 Colorway. In celebration of our 35th anniversary, we are going all out for our Spring Paducah sewalong. As we get ready for the QuiltWeek Show & Contest here in Paducah, we will be marking the days with charming 6″ quilt blocks. Use them any way you like, in any setting you can imagine, or create this once-in-a-lifetime quilt for the ultimate quilting experience.

Each day a new block pattern will be released, for a total of 36 blocks. Check back each day to get the next block.

Want to make your quilt just like ours? Click the links for the fabric or purchase one of our custom fabric bundles, one is with the all the fabrics, the other is without the background fabric.

As a special bonus, AQS Members can get a quilt pattern designed from that day’s block for all 36 days. That’s 36 quilts! Visit the AQS Member area to learn more.

Thank you for joining us in this adventure. Be sure to share your progress, questions, and ideas with us in the AQS Project Parade Facebook Group. We do a monthly Show & Tell and want to be sure you’re included!

Fabric Requirements

(If Foundation Paper Piecing the Rings you may wish to purchase additional yardage for each of the colored fabrics)

(DP) Dark Purple Shadow Play – 1 1/4 yards
(P) Purple Shadow Play – 2 yards
(LP)Light Purple Shadow Play – 2 yards
(DY) Dark Yellow Shadow Play – 1 3/4 yards
(Y) Yellow Shadow Play – 2 yards
(LY) Light Yellow Shadow Play – 1 1/4 yards
Shadow Play Ivory Background – 9 1/2 yards
Bias Binding – 1 yard

Click here to download a helpful coloring page of the quilt.

36 Sampler Blocks

6″ x 6″ finished block size

Click the blocks below to access the block pattern. A new block is posted each day by 9 a.m. Central.

Block One
Block Two
Block Three
Block Four
Block Five
Block Six
Block Seven
Block Eight
Block Nine
Block Ten
Block Eleven
Block Twelve
Block Thirteen
Block Fourteen
Block Fifteen
Block Sixteen
Block Seventeen
Block Eighteen
Block Nineteen
Block Twenty
Block Twenty-one
Block Twenty-two
Block Twenty-three
Block Twenty-four
Block Twenty-five
Block Twenty-six
Block Twenty-seven
Block Twenty-eight
Block Twenty-nine
Block Thirty
Block Thirty-one
Block Thirty-two
Block Thirty-three
Block Thirty-four
Block Thirty-five
Block Thirty-six

Setting Instructions:

Click here to download the Double Wedding Ring Templates & Patterns

We offer two options for sewing the Double Wedding Ring setting for this sampler. Choose between template piecing or foundation paper piecing for the rings.

The center is constructed of frames sewn to the sampler block, then cut using the center template so every block fits perfectly, despite any unique characteristics.

Cutting Instructions

For the rings using templates, cut:

Dark Purple: Template F – 168

Purple: Templates E1 & E2 – 168 each

Light Purple: Templates D1 & D2 – 168 each

Dark Yellow: Templates C1 & C2 – 168 each

Yellow: Templates B1 & B2 – 168 each

Light Yellow: Template A – 168

Melon Template – 84
(72) 4 1/2″ x 7″ rectangles
(72) 4 1/2″ x 14 1/2″ rectangles

Melon Assembly

Follow the diagrams below to sew the Ring Units.

Paper Piecing Pattern for Wedding Ring Sampler

Large Ring Unit

Small Ring Paper Piecing pattern for Wedding Ring Sampler

Small Ring Unit

Sew a small ring unit to one side of the background melon piece.

Sew a large ring unit to the other side of the background melon piece.

Make 84 melons.

Click Here for a step-by-step photo tutorial!

Center Assembly

Sew a background 4 1/2″ x 7″ rectangle to each side of a completed 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ Sampler block. Trim the rectangles to match the block.

Sew a background 4 1/2″ x 14 1/2″ rectangle to the top and bottom of the block with side frames.

Trace the center template onto freezer paper and adhere the freezer paper to the back of the framed block. This gives you a chance to make sure the block is centered in the template before cutting. Leave the freezer paper in place and do not cut out the shape until you’re ready to sew the center to the melons.

Center unit for a double wedding ring quilt

Make 36 centers.

Love the blocks, but want to try a fast, beginner-friendly setting?

Check out the 70″ x 70″ Spring 2019 Sampler Colorway! Frames on the blocks let you size each block without compromising  points. Get the full instructions by clicking here.

Show off your progress, connect with other quilters, get ideas, motivation and more!

Join us in the AQS Project Parade Facebook Group and piece along with us!

Members get even more…

AQS Members can access 36 one-block quilts designed from each day’s block in the Member Access Area. Take a look!

Not a member? Join today!

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You offer two options, paper piecing or template. I’m new to paper piecing, may these pieces be used for that?


I would love to see someone demonstrate in a video (I’m more of a visual quilter) the assembling of one of the blocks. I can piece the inside blocks with no problem but assembling them with the wedding ring might be a bit of a challenge for me. Also, could we see someone’s finished quilt?

Toni Stone

In celebration of my 35 wedding anniversary, I have to buy this quilt. I love double wedding ring (just not sewing curves) quilts and feel this is a perfect quilt to make. Thank you


I just discovered this pattern. I have been a member for years, but don’t go into your site daily. Why can I not get any of the patterns for the double wedding ring after block 13?


Can I still get the pattern for Journey to Paducah from last year?

Hello Mary, thanks for the great question! You sure can. I’m including the links below for Journey to Fall Paducah 2018 and Countdown to Spring Paducah 2018. Have a great day making! -Emily


Thanks so much.

Linda Lomelin

How long will the blocks be up? I will be on my way the 22nd so won’t be home to print the last 2 out.

Brenda Winchester

I think it would be easier for me to use acrylic templates to cut the melons and centers. what size should I get?


Are the actual names of the blocks listed somewhere — other than “Block 1, Block2…”
Thank you

Thanks for the question, Jane. The blocks don’t have names, just numerals. Feel free to name them for yourself! -Emily


I wanted to make the blocks but didn’t want the double wedding ring. I also, didn’t want a square quilt so I created 12 additional different blocks and set my quilt 6 blocks by 8 blocks. I also didn’t go with just a few colors, I used many of my scraps. I am giving this quilt to my brother as a wedding gift. Thanks for the pattern.