Organize & Finish Your Projects in 2019


As the calendar flipped from last year to now, we turned our attention to organizing our quilt world, and so have you. We’ve already discussed what to do when you spot a UFO, how to whip your WIPs into shape, and storage solutions for the studio. This week we’re gathering our handiest tools and notions to organize our projects in ways that make them easier to finish.


Wonder Clips are great helpers while working on a project, but they’re also great for organizing a project. Clip like pieces together, attach labels, and secure pre-made binding without using pins that leave holes and sometimes even rust. 


How to Organize a Large Sampler Project

Follow Emily’s tips for organizing a large sampler project, especially as you begin new Block of the Month programs!


Quilter’s Best Friend – Sticky Advice

Sometimes the best quilt helpers are right in front of you, and that’s certainly true of the ubiquitous sticky note.


How to Label Fabrics in a Quilt Pattern

Don’t put the sticky notes away quite yet. Sometimes as quilters we love a pattern, but want to make it in colors of our choosing. Emily walks you through how to relabel a pattern to keep your project clear and organized.


Pack a Project To Go! Tips for the Traveling Quilter

From working on new techniques to saving WIPs from turning into UFOs, use bags sized from pouches to totes keeps you moving forward on your projects.

Need some pouches and totes to get you started? Check out these beauties from

Grab and go in style!
Say hello to these gorgeous pouches!


What tools do you use to keep project organized? What’s your trick to finishing projects? Let us know in the comments!

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Just in Time inspiration and incentive for my 2019 quilting creativity that rather wilted in 2018! Thank you!

Amy Asmus

I love new and clean pizza boxes to organize my projects, especially blocks of the month where I am waiting for the next months block. Finished blocks lay flat and I tape a clear sheet protector to the top inside of the box to keep instructions together. As long as I only get one or two at a time, my local pizza store just gives me clean boxes.


I have 2 picture files on my computer: UFOs and Completed projects. I take a photo of all my UFOs and works in progress and put them into the UFO file. It doesn’t let me forget about any ongoing project or BOMs waiting in a box or projects that need time to percolate. And when I am between projects or in need of inspiration, I put it on as a slide show.


I have a 5 year backlog of projects. Top of the list is a twin size 154 block quilt for my nephew. I’ve only purchased 3 fabrics for the nephew’s quilt. Everything else has come from my stash. We just moved into a new house last year. My mother-in-law lost her lease on the rental she had been living in for 20 yrs. Each day, I make at least 1-2 quilt blocks for the nephew’s quilt. It helps me cope with cleaning out the filth in my hoarder mother-in-law’s house. My current plan is to finish the quilt blocks and… Read more »