Organic Fiber Dyeing, The Colonial Williamsburg Method


Hot off the presses at AQS! Fiber dyeing was just as important to the citizens of 18th-century America in places like Williamsburg, Virginia, as it is to today’s quilters and fiber artists. Organic Fiber Dyeing: The Colonial Williamsburg Method by Max Hamrick is a beautifully-photographed trip through time into the fiber-rich history of colonial America, including authentic botanical recipes using easily-obtained ingredients.

Using traditional dyestuffs in nontoxic ways, the author reveals recipes true to 18th-century English and Virginia dyeing, blending the historic old with a vibrant new world of pure color in photos and detailed instructions. Nine natural ingredients including brazilwood, turmeric, black walnuts and indigo become the source of rich colors for wool, cotton, or linen fabrics, textiles, and yarns.

Author Max Hamrick is the weaving specialist and dyer for Colonial Williamsburg, which is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and presentation of eighteenth-century Williamsburg and the study, interpretation, and teaching of America’s founding principles. He has been making cloth for a living for nearly 50 years, and he has been dyeing professionally for 33 years.

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