Last night I attended a widely anticipated event—the opening reception for MANifestations, an exhibit of quilts made by men at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden, Colorado. What a party it was! RMQM has been showcasing the work of male quilters every other year since 1992. Even so, Karen Roxburgh, the museum’s executive director, tells me the general public still finds it surprising that men make quilts at all. You and I know better—but man oh man! The idea of it all sure draws the crowds.

TQL readers will recognize three of the quilts in the exhibit—Lifelines III and Northern Lights by TQL’s own Ricky Tims, who has been a supporter of the museum since its beginnings. The World’s First Interactive Quilt by CJ Baar is there. CJ programmed the quilt especially for the exhibit to play the alphabet song only once every 15 minutes, so it won’t drive the museum staff crazy.

It seemed that everyone commented on the exhibit’s diversity. There are art quilts by Kerby Smith and Luke Haynes. Michael Gold made a memory quilt—a hand-stitched Cathedral Windows—from his late father’s silk ties. A powerful triptych by David Charity makes a statement about child hunger, enslavement, and child labor. Brian Clements, who looks like he should be out riding a motorcycle instead of stitching on his Statler, created an exquisite French toile bed quilt. David Taylor’s meticulously hand-appliquéd and machine quilted cat portrait was a real crowd pleaser. Rod Ferry’s fascination with Civil War history inspired a striking reproduction quilt. In all, 30 male quilters  are represented. The exhibit is up through the end of April, and if you see it, you won’t be disappointed…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

Here I am with Ricky's Lifelines III. You can see Northern Lights, too, over my shoulder.
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