Night Stitches: Zombie Quilt Assembly


Zombie Quilt Challenge

Dig in the graveyard of your fabric stash to unearth your zombie fabric. It doesn’t matter how far you run, zombie fabric always catches up to you when you least expect it! Zombie fabric is that piece in your stash that’s been with you a long time, isn’t destined for any purpose, doesn’t match anything, and has possibly passed the expiration date of good taste and style. You may still feel attachment to your zombie fabric, but it’s time to put it out of your misery.

Find this fabric in your stash and get ready for the Zombie Quilt Challenge!

Wovens, solids, and batiks don’t work as zombie fabric. A fabric with a fair amount of contrast between the right and wrong side works best.

Choose a simple 2-color block, like pinwheels or four-patches, and cut the pieces out of your zombie fabric, using the right side for the dark value and the wrong side for the light value.


Remember to sew your pieces with opposite sides together. It can be a bit of a mind trick.

Make as many blocks as you want from your zombie fabric and make a quilt.

Show us your zombie fabrics and new undead quilts in the AQS Project Parade Facebook group!

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