Night Stitches: Iron Cover (Monster)


Iron Cover (Monster)

WARNING: This project is for decorative purposes only. Only use an iron cover on an unplugged cold iron.

Fabric Requirements:

You will need three pieces of fabric approximately 9″ x 14″.

All three can be from the same fabric which totals:

1/2 yard fabric

If you wish to line your cover, you will need an additional:

1/2 yard lining

Download the pattern pieces here.

Cutting Instructions:

Assemble the three pattern pieces and cut from fabric. If you wish to decorate a monster face on the sole plate piece, do so before assembly.


The basic construction of the iron cover is to align the three pieces, right sides together, making sure to join the pieces at the top dot. Pin them together and check the size on your iron. Adjust the pins if needed.

Sew together using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Cuff the bottom to fit your iron and hem.


Decorate your monster with horns, hair, and/or googly eyes.

REMEMBER: This is for use during storage when the iron is cold and not plugged in.

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