Liberated Medallion Quilts by Gwen Marston


Liberate Your Inner (Quilt) Medallion!

Are medallion quilts truly as traditional as we think they are? Liberated Medallion Quilts by Gwen Marston will help you discover how women who made antique medallion quilts were improvisational, just like today’s quilters.

  • Follow Gwen’s 7 “how-to” projects to unleash your Liberated creativity.
  • If you like precision, fine — get Liberated with color.
  • If you prefer carefully orchestrated color, also fine — don’t worry about points.

You don’t have to sacrifice good technique or traditional ideas when making an original, one-of-a-kind, Liberated medallion quilt.

Click here to read more about this book.

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Sarah Silk

I was disappointed to see the “Women for Mitt Romney’ political ad on the side of this AQS page. I would prefer NO political ads or as an option equal time for all. It’s sad to be bombarded constantly with unwelcome phone calls never mind infiltrations into the calm of the quilters realm by selfserving ads that are in any way related to the craft of quilting. You should be ashamed to be coerced into political ads.

Sarah, We have disabled the political ads from showing up on our site. We apologize for this oversight and will monitor it more closely in the future. Thank you for letting us know it was showing up! – Sylvia Thomas, AQS Administrative Assistant