My Quilt Story: The Lunch Bunch Quilters


Thank you to the Lunch Bunch Quilters (Alicia Campbell, Sallie Jones, Laurie Keogh) for submitting this story.

“They say every quilt has a story, so here is our Block Buffet story.

BLOCK BUFFET by the Lunch Bunch Quilters

We have a group that quilts together during most lunch hours. We annually enter quilts in our local fair—Orange County, California—as the Lunch Bunch Quilters. We have a lot of fun, share techniques, and are the repository for fabric from co-workers and more; the old adage of “She with the most fabric when she dies, wins” applies, and then it gets donated to my group. We have a shelving unit about 40 ft. long by 8 ft. tall, and it is full of fabric, batting, and quilting supplies, almost all donated and definitely not coordinated.

When I saw the Block Buffet mystery quilt pattern offered in my weekly email from AQS (the On Point newsletter), I knew this was a group project we could do, and we would be able to use up fabric from the stash. So our number one requirement was there was to be no purchase of fabric or supplies. Since we worked on this pieced project for 45-minute increments at a time, we sometimes forgot where we were so there are a couple of size errors in our blocks. But when the quilt was done, it did look very similar to the reveal photo. We constructed the quilt following the six weekly installments posted on, completing it with the final installment and always guessing what the next step would be.

This quilt will be used for one of our employee appreciation fundraising opportunity drawings. Over the years we have made more than 150 quilts on our lunch hour, many which are donated to groups like the Veterans, Project Linus, and Senior Santa and Friends (our employer-sponsored charity for seniors and other adults that don’t have family and are part of the Social Services recipients group). We also have an annual opportunity drawing with the proceeds going to Operation Santa Claus, an employer-sponsored charity that works with Toys for Tots and supports kids in foster care with birthday and Christmas presents. We have fun, get to quilt, and support our community.”

Now THAT’S a productive lunch hour!

Posted by Christine N. Brown, American Quilter magazine editor-in-chief. Editor’s note: The pattern and instructions for this quilt may be purchased from designer Linda Hahn at (It is no longer available through AQS.)

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wow! amazing productive group of quilters!


Love the quilt. What a wonderful group.

I was amused to realize it.
but now I keep sewing, It’ll become a blanket for my daughter.

I am a passioned quilter in Austria-Europe and always try to get my friends to these meetings. In my own business is a meeting point for charity activities like sewing breast-cancer pillows and labquilts for seniors residences.
I love the sentence “She with the most fabric when she dies, wins” it could be me in the opinion of my husband for sure.
Thank you for your story if someone wants to get in contact with me go to my website
Greetings from good old Europe Brigitte


Where do these wonderful women work? I would love to make sure I support that business! It sounds like a great working atmosphere.

Barbara Shields

Newbie quilter and I’ve thought about bringing the items to work to at least cut so I get something done each day. These ladies actually sew and assemble during a lunch period -what an inspiration!

Thank you for showing their quilt – love it – and their story.