My Quilt Story: Making Monuments


Between now and Fall Paducah in September, we would like to invite you on a special creative adventure. Each week we will offer you ideas, techniques, blocks, and embellishments to help you tell your quilt story in stitches. 

Last week we revisited our first quilt blocks. Did you re-make your first every quilt block? Be sure to share it with us!

Every story is filled with monumental moments, those unforgettable events that are etched in our mind. Our quilt story is no different. This week we will explore the milestones that came along in our quilting path changing our course and setting our creative adventure in a new direction.

Week Three: Making Monuments

In week one, at the bottom of the second page of the worksheet is the following question:

What have been the milestones along the way during your quilting journey? Those moments you can point to that changed the way you quilt, the way you thought about quilting, or renewed your creativity?

Look at the list of milestones along with the ways they changed you, inspired you, fueled your creativity. Take each item and write it at the top of a blank sheet of paper or page in your journal. Below this, brainstorm ways to memorialize the moment. In what ways could you depict the moment with fabric? Do you want a literal interpretation? Is there a symbol that represents this for you? Jot down ideas and sketch images that come to mind. 

Here is one of mine as an example:

Take a look at one of your pages, if you were to erect a monument to that moment what would it be? Is there a specific image that comes to mind? 

As an example, when my first child was born my quilting went from detailed heirloom work to utility. I loved wrapping my baby in simple soft quilts I hand quilted. She was a hot little thing so a wholecloth quilt with a light cotton batting was perfect. My teeny tiny hand quilting stitches I worked so hard to perfect grew into quick utility stitches stolen between nap times. I found a whole new joy in quilting. My quilts were small, quick, and exactly what I needed.

Pink baby shoes remind me of that time…

Maybe I will applique a little baby shoe on my quilt to remind me of that part of my quilt story. 

The goal of this exercise to start collecting ideas, in this case monuments to moments that tell your quilt story. 

What are the moments that changed your quilt story?



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