My Quilt Story: Lori Hiedeman


Lori Hiedeman shared this story about an astonishing hand-pieced hexagon quilt. Lori, be sure to let us know the END of the story!

“My friend Tami has MS (multiple sclerosis). My mother and I went to visit her last fall, and knowing I enjoy quilting, she asked her husband to bring out the quilt she had in the closet. What he laid before me was astonishing—tiny hexagons of fabric all neatly stitched together by hand. I couldn’t stop looking at it and was amazed that someone would, or could, put that much time and detail into a quilt top. Tami told me her aunt had made the quilt top many years ago. Her aunt never married, nor did she have kids, so she had all kinds of time to sew.

I didn’t have my camera with me that day, and the quilt began to haunt me. When I was writing up my Christmas cards, I put a note in Tami’s card telling her I’d be happy to finish that quilt for her, if she trusted me with her treasure. A message came from my mother a few days later that Tami would love for me to do that.

So when I was back in town on Christmas Eve, I stopped by Tami’s house. She joked that she thought she was going to have to tackle me to convince me to finish her special quilt. Her husband once again placed the special quilt in my hands, this time to make it into something she could proudly display and pass down to her family.

I took the quilt to a local quilt shop, and the ladies there were as amazed as I was. One of them estimated it was made in the 1930s, and was worth a hefty sum of money. So, now I have the daunting task of making the rest of the quilt live up to the standards of the original work.”

Posted by Christine N. Brown, American Quilter magazine editor-in-chief

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Cynthia Felts

So good of Lori to finish the quilt for Tami, who, with MS, would never be able to do that.

Such a wonderful quilt top! I hope we’ll get to view lots of pictures of the finished quilt!

Marie Ravening

How lovely of Lori to take on the task of completing this quilt. As the top has been hand pieced I hope that Lori doesn’t mind hand quilting it, that would be the most appropriate method.


I agree that it should be hand-quilted after all the hand work that’s gone into it.

Liz Johnson

WOW! What a treasure, and what a blessing for Lori to take this UFO and finish it for Tami and her family to enjoy, and to pass on. I love stories like this — keep them coming!


Lori’s an angel in Tami’s life. She will have a treasure for generations to come.

Betty Drda

I would like to hear how she decides to quilt it. I guess that I will have to wait to see. Hope Lori is a fast quilter. Maybe she will do a short story to tell about her thought process and challenges along the way to finishing the quilt. Lori, I commend you for taking on this daunting task. Kudos to you for being a good friend.


I am curious as to whether the paper pieces were still in the hexagons

What a thoughtful gift to give from one friend to another. I look forward to the finished project as I assume we all are. Blessings to the quilter(s).


How wonderful of Lori to take this on for Tami. Perhaps she can start a “bee” to help hand quilt it when she puts it together. That way Tami will get to enjoy it sooner. Please keep us posted about her progress. Many blessings to Lori when completing this wonderful project!n

Mary Alice Bates

Having hand pieced a hex quilt, I can only praise the maker of this gem. The short seams DO make it much easier to hand stitch than to machine assemble. I hope that the quilter will publish the designs and thoughts as she completes this gem.

Kathy Taggerty

I was amazed at the detail involved in this quilt! Absolutely stunning!! Bless you Lori for taking the time upon youself to finish this quilt for Tami. It will connect your two families forever.

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Betty Edwards

I just loved this story but that is just the character of “Quilters!” Loving, kind and very sweet! God Bless you Lori!


Denise Wall

Lori, Is this a bed or a wall hanging quilt?
If it’s a quilt bed, then it would be great if you could finish it for her either by hand or by machine. Important is that she gets to enjoy it as soon as possible. God bless.