My Quilt Place – April 2014 Show and Tell


April has been another busy month for members. What beauties you all have created! Take a look at this sampling from the past month’s uploads – maybe you’ll be encouraged to show a few of your own. As always, you’ll find these and more on My Quilt Place Galleries. Click on the quilt to go directly to its page at MQP, where you can make comments!

A beautiful flower! Cheryl Dawson‘s QUILTED PAPHIOPETALUM. (Interpretation for the less scientific among us: it’s a Lady Slipper Orchid.)


Joan Kawano created RAINBOW 9 with a perky pink blossom; you can almost feel the sunshine radiating off of it!

Rainbow 9 Joan Kawano

The Easter Bunny visited some houses during April, and Joan caught him in the act…

Easter Bunny Joan Kawano

Take a look at the winding curves of MOUNTAIN PASS by Jennifer Schifano Thomas:

Mountain Pass Jennifer Schifano

How pretty – and unique! This delightful flower was uploaded by Jackie Nixon-Fulton. She uses it for her personal image.

SandyGervaissecondquilt Jackie Nixon-Fulton

Quilts aren’t the only thing we make! Here’s a cute spring bag uploaded in April by June DeLong.Purse June DeLong

“Slice” quilts are great fun for groups. Cena Harmon uploaded this delightful duo. Recognize the location? It’s Pensacola!
Pensacola slice quilt Cena Harmon

Pensacola also Cena Harmon

Of course, these lovely gals created by Wendy Bain could only be the LADIES OF THE SUNFLOWER SOCIETY.

LadiesSunflowerSociety Wendy Bain

Just a quick glance an you’ll know that this quilt by Christina Rhebergen is called JUMBLED LIBRARY!

Jumbled Library Front Christina Rhebergen

Spring is certainly here; Cheri Searles‘ delightful applique flowers prove it!

Iris Cheri Searles

Cindy Haddick has a pieced hexie project underway – fussy cuts make it extra-special.  Peek HERE for the starting fabric!

Hexies Cindy Haddick

Join in the fun at! (It’s FREE, with no strings attached.) Check out the Gallery for new photos posted every day by quilters – like this gorgeous flower by Tim Rickman, who joined just a few days ago!

Tim Rickman flower

On a related note: Remember MQP’s Vickie Smith, who quilts and quilts and quilts with a group called Quilts from Caring Hands? I had the privilege of meeting Vickie last week at QuiltWeek in Paducah! She and a friend didn’t just stop by the Paducah event, their husbands gave them this “trip of a lifetime” for their birthdays, how cool is that!?! They’re from OREGON! They stopped to ask a question, and Vickie noticed my name tag, making the “hey, it’s you!” connection because we’d e-mailed about the Quilts from Caring Hands article. I was SO excited to meet Vickie (and her friend, of course) in person!

Vickie and Ann Hammel





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