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Bad news. My sewing machine isn’t feeling well and I guess it’s time to go in for a checkup. Nothing serious; the light bulb burned out. But it got me to thinking that it has been an awful long time since an expert has taken a look under the hood. I take good care of her. I don’t go terribly long between new needles. I often remove the bobbin case to dust and oil her, and she even has a little coverup that she wears between outings to keep the sun and the dust off her. She probably doesn’t get enough exercise though. She and I are both happiest when we’re busy. Together. It’s not like I’ll be left completely bereft while she’s away. I do have 2 other sewing machines so I can finish up holiday projects. I’ll let you know what the doc says…

Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

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May! My mother-in-law gave me her Bernina 830 Record a few months ago, but I don’t plan to try it out until it has been serviced. Had my Elna Quilter’s Dream serviced at A Scarlet Thread in late May–overnight service to boot!

Once a year tune-up is a minimum for my machines. I’ve had one for 17 years and the other for 10 so I have a back up when the one goes down. I do all the other stuff as well. I still go through withdrawal tho.
Happy quilting!