Moving – the AQS advantage


Thanks for all the helpful hints on moving a sewing room. It seems as though my husband and I will be able to make this in-town move over several days, not in a big rush, which will be nice. But we will need to rent a larger vehicle for some furniture, the etagere in which I store my stash, my beloved charcoal grill (role reversal, anyone?), etc. Our membership coordinator just reminded me that AQS members receive car rental discounts at both Hertz and Enterprise. Members receive a discount card for Hertz. For the Enterprise discount, go to and click on AQS Resources. Go to Member Benefits. Scroll down until you see Enterprise. If you haven’t already logged in, you’ll be prompted to do so. Then you will receive the code needed to receive your discount. Nice savings and much appreciated, since moving isn’t exactly inexpensive!


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