Meredith Schroeder 2013 Inductee in The Quilters Hall of Fame


The American Quilter’s Society’s very own Meredith Schroeder is the 2013 Inductee to The Quilters Hall of Fame. We just couldn’t be prouder! This award is presented every year by The Quilters Hall of Fame to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the world of quilting. Here is what The Quilters Hall of Fame has to say about Meredith:

“Visionary, innovator, and grand ambassador of quilting to the world are terms that describe Meredith Schroeder, the 2013 Inductee in The Quilters Hall of Fame.  Meredith helped put Paducah, Kentucky, not only on a quilter’s map but on the world map.

Starting out with husband Bill as a publisher of books on collectibles, Meredith co-founded the American Quilter’s Society in Paducah, Kentucky, in 1984. The following year, the first AQS Show & Contest began. It offered $25,000 in cash prizes, giving monetary value to what had formerly been considered by many as “women’s work.” The annual AQS shows now numbers four per year and they have the highest monetary prizes – $120,000 in cash awards and $20,000 Best of Show. The increase in prize money helped establish a rise in the importance of the quilt as an art form as well as increase the dignity and professional status of the quilter. Meredith initiated the process of seeking sponsors to elevate the prize money, a practice now followed by most quilt shows. Everyone in the larger quiltmaking business community benefited as well.”

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Click here to read more about the Quilters Hall of Fame.

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Let’s see. Hall of Fame because she started a business to make money? Not that making money is a bad thing but perhaps she is one reason quilt making has become a money grab by so-called quilt professionals. Epitomizes everything that’s wrong with quilting today–it’s an industry not an art or a craft just a way to part the naive from their hard earned cash.

Quilts are art. Quilts keep us warm. Quilts give comfort. Meredith Schroeder feels this on a personal level and has done much to foster those feelings in others. I have known Meredith for 10 years and have witnessed the depth of her love of quilting and quiltmakers. She has worked tirelessly for years to elevate quiltmaking in the minds of others. Her personal mission is to ensure that quilts continue to be viewed as an artistic expression. She appreciates quiltmakers and the dedication and work that they put into their craft. She worked to build a museum that is dedicated… Read more »


Thank you Sylvia! I read about the honor accorded Meredith in one of my quilt magazines. I was as proud as if I knew this remarkable woman personally. Reading the comment above made me start an angry retort. So glad I didn’t. what you wrote is so eloquent and more to the point of all this than an exchange of vitriol would serve. cheers and loud standing ovation to meredith schroeder! I for one am so proud of her and what she and Libby Lehman, Marie Webster & others over the years, have done to promote the historical value, design… Read more »


Meredith Schroeder has done great for the quilting world. She has an eye for quilt art,so when I recieved a personal email of encouragement from her to enter my wall hanging ,Memories of Yesteryear, in the Lancaster ,PA contest,I did, only to recieve a brief note saying sorry but we had so many to chose from that yours didn’t pass the test. What I would really liked to have heard was encouragement on things that were right and then things I need to improve.As a new quilter who did all the designing,creating and quilting how do I know if it… Read more »