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Meet Thea Jarik of Wooly Felted Wonders in her own words…

My name is Thea Jirak and I am a long time quilter and quilt shop owner. I started quilting as a hobby when I needed a creative outlet from a very stressful job. Then I turned it into a business.
My store Quilting Delights in Portland, OR is an authorized Bernina Dealer. We are known for our expertise in Machine Embroidery, V8 Digitizing Software, and Computerized Quilting on the Bernina Long Arm. We love what we do and are always happy to help our customers learn and master something new! (Don’t miss the great offer at the end of this article!)

In the beginning…

In late 2016, I had a thought to provide Wool Ironing Mats and other wool products to the quilting world. Wooly Felted Wonders was formed and now, just 3 years later, we are the leading brand and have developed almost 40 products for quilters. We have an online digital catalog, a wonderful online store, and offer wholesale to shops so that every quilter can have access to our products!

Our products…

Take a look at our exclusive products designed and manufactured by hand specifically for quilters. Our Wool Pressing Bar with Clapper in either 12″ or 20″ lengths are our very own exclusive product. They are designed with a 2″ solid wood bar covered in wool and set into a wood clapper. The idea is to lay your quilt block on top and isolate the seam you are pressing. Either open or to one side. All the other seams you have pressed perfectly fall to the side and don’t get distorted or touched by your iron again. The smaller Dritz palm iron is perfect for this. When you have pressed your
seam, lay the block on the table and lay the clapper on top. The cool wood will draw the heat off and set the seam very crisply.
Our mats come in 5 sizes and are sized with quilters in mind.  The 13.5″ and 17″ mats are the most popular sizes.   NEW to the lineup for Fall 2019 is the TV Tray size which is 14.5″ x 19″.  The wool heats up and you are pressing from both sides.  Perfect for wool applique, machine embroidery and piecing.
We also have ironing board and big board covers made from a thinner but same quality wool.  This thinner product is ideal and allows you to hang it dry when you are done pressing and steaming.  It’s important that this all natural product have a chance to air dry from both sides!
For those of you who are knitters, wool mats are ideal for blocking your socks, mitts, hats and more!  We are coming out with Blocking Pads for knitters and crocheters in January 2020!
One of our most popular products is the lineup of ready to sew bags and clamshell kits!  We have sold out of these at almost every show!  Durable and cute to boot!  The clamshells come with a pattern and templates to make more! We now sell yardage of the wool felt so quilters can make as many as they want!
Quilters also love our wool pincushions and wool dryer balls.  We’ve added cat caves to our lineup, too!

At QuiltWeek…

AQS Quilt Week is always a special time for us.  I get to meet new vendors and also visit with many quilters who we have seen at other shows. Many already have our products but they always love to see what’s new and they bring their friends, too!!  it’s fun to see their eyes light up at the fun and exciting products we bring to every AQS Quilt Week Show.

Special Offer…

Thank you for reading about our products and we hope to see you on our website soon! Be sure to check out our catalog of products.

Through October 31st, feel free to use the Coupon Code 3L7G7 because AQS is BEST for 10% off your online order!

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