Meet the Authors of 2016 – Spring


Meet the 2016 AQS Spring Authors 

Visit with the AQS authors of 2016. In this two part series, we introduce you to each author and their new book. Stay tuned next week for the second half of the year’s authors!

Diane Califano


Diane currently resides in Grason, Maryland where she moved with her husband after their marriage in 2000. The pair founded their very own landscape architecture consulting firm, Streetscapes, Inc., which they run out of their home.

She became interested in sewing at a very early age, using her mother’s scrap fabric to fashion clothes for her dolls before she was even old enough to use a needle. She started sewing clothes for herself when she was about 12 and has not stopped sewing ever since.

She graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture. After college she moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland to start her new job as a landscape architect. With her first paycheck she bought herself a sewing machine. In between making new friends in her new state, Diane sewed outfits for work, home decor pieces, and curtains.

She eventually started quilting after her sisters took a few classes and told her how much fun it was. Her husband shared in her enthusiasm by buying her a new sewing machine just for quilting. He told her it was time to retire her 25 year old machine and get with the times.

Living a state away from her sisters and mom, Diane had to find her own local quilting resources. She began by taking a class at a local quilt shop. From there shew was invited to join a quilt group and then when to on to join an official quilt guild. She has entered her projects in state and local fairs, as well as participated in a few national competitions.

She was inspired to write this book because she is continually encountering people who are interested in sewing, bu cannot find a class or reference book to cover the techniques needed to make their sewing more efficient and accurate.

Shew still enjoys sewing clothes, home decor projects, and window treatments, but attributes her quilting to her improved precision and accuracy. She continues to be delighted iwht the dear friends she has come to know through this wonderful craft!

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Dianne S. Hire


Dianne S. Hire is known for her outrageous quilts, chaos and mayhem in workshops, fun, informative lectures, bold designs, and daring color combinations. She loves to be introduced as having the coloring sense of a first grader. Appliqué reveals the other side that pushes for gracefully elegant designs that may be used in many techniques. 

With her quilts, with her workshops, and certainly with her books, she seeks to offer as many options as possible – to take designs to new platforms as interpreted by you. Always, it is about you and how you can take this information and use it for making, designing and finding joy with how your quilts may be more than you ever could imagine. Pushing her boundaries? There are none. And that is Rule #8.

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Margo Yang


Margo’s real name is Morakot, which means emerald in Thai.  Born in Bangkok, Thailand to immigrant Chinese parents, she grew up in an environment that encouraged hard work and education.  She graduated in Mathematics and worked in Information Technology, before giving it all up to be with her two children.

In 2006, she decided to take a quilting class in an adult education program at a local high school.  With the help from her teacher, she made her first quilt from nine-patch blocks. Since then, she has been making quilts for friends and family. 

When she and her friends needed a baby gift for friends at church, rag quilts were a frequent choice because they work up quickly. One spring, they made rag quilts for five girls at church who were graduating from high school. By then, she was weary of always making rag quilts full of squares and rectangles.  Was there, she wondered, another way to make rag quilts that would still be fast, but more varied in design and possibly using less fabric? After much thought, she came up with what seemed like a fantastic idea, and in 2010, her Faux Rag quilting technique was born.

Her love of quilting has grown steadily since her first muddled attempt at nine-patch. The creativity of quilting, the opportunity to share her technique, and the possibility of further innovation, are enormously rewarding aspects of her life.

You can follow her blog at

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Anne Dutton


Anne was born in North Carolina, but has lived and worked in the Phoenix area for many years, and has not lost her Southern charm and sometimes her accent.  She began sewing garments at the age of 7 without patterns and her mother taught her that the inside had to look as good as the outside.  When she took a Home Economics class in high school she had to learn to use a pattern.  This gave her the idea to focus on order and efficiency in sewing and the patterns   she developed enhanced her quilting endeavors as well as for quilt makers who use them.

She continues to sew clothes for herself and her family and does many forms of needlework as well as quilting which she started in 1980.  She has been influenced by her mother, her grandmother, the late Laureen Senima at the Quilted Apple, and the late Mary Ellen Hopkins.  Mary Ellen taught Anne many quick piecing techniques which enhanced her sense of order and efficiency in piecing.   

In 1982, while still working as a critical care nurse, several friends asked if she would like to open a quilt store with them.  They pooled their resources; researched how to run a shop and the Quilters’ Ranch opened.  Soon Anne retired from nursing and they ran the shop for fifteen years.  It is still a viable store in the Phoenix area with new owners.  In 1994, Anne developed Triangles on a Roll, a paper piecing method of making half-square triangles and wrote several books and patterns on how to use this product.  She has since sold this business, but this product is still on the market.

Anne’s viewpoint on quilts is that they belong on the bed wrapping loved ones in the comfort and love a quilt provides.   She has also designed many quilted garments, wall hangings, art and memory quilts which offer great variety for the quilt maker. . Over the years she has learned from teaching quilting that the art of quilt making is where friendships are made, the customer is the boss, and the rewards of teaching occur when students realize their dreams and passions and are proud of their quilts.

Anne lives north of Phoenix in the desert foothills with her husband, Virgil, who has been and is her greatest supporter of all things quilting.  She continues to teach quilting classes, develop patterns, and welcomes sewing groups to her spacious home for sew-ins and retreats.

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Toby Lischko


Toby was born to quilt! Her mother is a retired home economics teacher and her grandfather was a tailor. A crafter from an early age, who has tried every craft imaginable, from knitting, crocheting, tatting, needlepoint, cross stitch, English smocking, and macramé to name a few.  Whatever craft was in vogue she tried. She started sewing her own clothes when she was 12 and even designed and had sewn her own wedding gown. She enjoyed each of those crafts but would eventually get bored and move on to another.

Toby took her first quilting class in 1985, along with her mother, from the renowned quilter Jackie Robinson, who owned the local quilt shop in St. Louis, Missouri. It was during summer vacation from her job as a Special Education teacher. After the six-week class she got the quilting bug. In 1995, she starting working in a quilt shop, began teaching quilting classes and designing her own quilts. She was then asked to lecture and hold workshops with local quilt guilds. She also began to enter quilt contests. “I finally found a craft that was continually evolving and I was evolving with it. It is never boring!”

In 1998 she had her first quilt on the cover of “Miniature Quilt Magazine”, won her first contest with the Hoffman Challenge and she was hooked! In 2001 she began to work with fabric companies and magazines, designing quilts and writing articles. In 2007, she retired from education and began concentrating on her quilting career, setting some high goals: to win a ribbon for a quilt in the American Quilter’s Society show in Paducah, Kentucky; to teach at a national venue; and to write a book. In 2005 she won a first place prize in the First Entry, Wall division for her masterpiece Celestial Crowns, at the AQS show in Paducah, which was also featured in the AQS 2006 calendar. She wrote her first book, St. Louis Stars in 2008. She has also taught in many national quilt shows including IQA in Houston, Texas; AQS in Paducah, Kentucky and Des Moines, Iowa; National Quilter’s Association, Original Sewing and Quilting Expo, and Machine Quilter’s Expo.

An award winning quilter, pattern designer, author, and quilt teacher she enjoys the whole process. “I love taking a group of fabrics and creating a unique design that shows off the collection.” Her skill and her unique style have been recognized by many of the major fabric companies, such as Timeless Treasures, Hoffman, Clothworks, Benartex, RJR, and P&B, who regularly commission her to design quilts for them.

Her teaching style is tempered from her years as a Special Education teacher, and her students have told her that she teaches to the quilters’ styles, helping them understand even the most difficult techniques. They always come away from her workshops saying, “I didn’t know I could do that”! “I like to inspire quilters to go that one step beyond their everyday quilting and try something new. I don’t think that there are any quilters who can not do what I do if they want to.” She teaches techniques that students can use in any of their quilting projects. Her lectures and trunk shows give quilters ideas on how to approach their fabrics and blocks in nonconventional ways. She feels that there is an artist in everyone and they just need to find their niche, which is what she did when she started quilting. “Fabrics are my palette and the quilts are my paintings.”

She considers herself a traditional quilter with a twist. “I use traditional blocks to create quilts that look difficult but that anyone can make.” Her use of fabrics in the quilts can change the whole look of a traditional block. Her patterns and designs can be found in quilt shops, on the web, and in many of the national quilting magazines such as McCall’s Quilting, McCall’s Quick Quilts, Fons and Porter, The Quilter, Quilter’s Newsletter, Quiltmaker and Quilt. She was a featured artist in Miniature Quilt Magazine and wrote articles for Quilter’s World.

She lives in the rural area of Beaufort, Missouri, with her husband Mike of 42 years, a Marine Corp, Vietnam veteran, two dogs and seven cats. She hopes that many readers, from beginners to accomplished quilters, will enjoy this book and find inspiration on every page.

She runs her own business, Gateway Quilts & Stuff, Inc. and has a website . 

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Linda Thielfoldt


Linda Thielfoldt, owner of The Quilted Goose in her hometown of Troy, Michigan has been quilting for over 40 years, teaching machine quilting for over 25 years, and loves to share her knowledge. Her classes are taught in a no-rules fun and lively style that provides inspiration and new ideas on how to improve your machine quilting. Linda travels the country teaching at major shows and guilds and she specializes in being fearless with your quilting. She offers a wide variety of classes from quilting, to piecing to appliqué, and everything in between. Linda designs patterns for computerized quilting machines and her patterns are available in many formats through www.legacyquilting.  In addition to designing quilts, Linda is a writer of all things quilting and her articles have appeared in Threads Magazine, American Patchwork & Quilting, On Track Magazine, The Quilter, The Quilt Life, and in 2012 she appeared on The Quilt Show with Ricky and Alex.

Linda has been recognized for her quilting, quilt making, and wearable art skills at major shows across the US, winning her first national show in 2002. She has won at Paducah, MQX, MQS, HMQS, Mancuso Shows, Vermont Quilt Festival, and Road to CA to name a few, as well as many local and regional shows. She has won over 100 ribbons and several best of show and viewer’s choice awards.

Feel free to reach out to her on her website:

Get her latest book:



Julie Sefton


Julie inherited her love of quilts from the work of both grandmothers and at least one great-grandmother. After a lifetime of sewing and crafting, in 2004 Julie finally took a Beginning Machine Piecing class at her local quilt shop. Since then, she has created and finished over 275 quilts.

Julie and her husband Larry live near Memphis, Tennessee. When they are not in their respective studios (Larry is a wood artist), they enjoy vacationing at the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina, and spending time with their family – Alan, Eric, Lauren, and Darcy (their grand-puppy).

Visit Julie at:

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Linda J. Hahn


Linda Hahn is a multiple award-winning author, a sought-after speaker, and teacher at guilds and shows across the country. She began quilting in 1993 and teaching in 1994. Her work has been featured in many of your favorite quilting magazines.

She is a BERNINA Artisan Ambassador and a National Quilting Association Certified Teacher. She was named the NQA 2009 Certified Teacher of the Year. Her first book, New York Beauty Simplified (AQS, 2010), was named a bronze medal winner by the 2012 Independent Publisher’s Living Now Book Awards and her second book, New York Beauty Diversified (AQS, 2013), won the gold medal in 2013. Most recently, her third book, Rock That Quilt Block: Weathervane (AQS, 2015), won the gold medal.

Linda’s classes are information packed and always full of fun! She clearly enjoys sharing her passion for quilting with her students.

When she’s not quilting, she enjoys participating in daily Zumba classes at her gym.

Linda resides in Palm Bay, Florida, with her husband, Allan, daughter, Sarah (both of whom are quilters), and her studio helper—a rescue golden retriever named Amber Lynn.

Learn more about Linda on her website:

Get her Spring 2016 book:



Lara Bucella


Lara Buccella lives in western New York with her husband Jim and their three terriers.  She is the mother of three wonderful young people and mother-in-law to a terrific young man.  

A lifelong love of arts and crafts led Lara to take up quilting after her youngest child left for college.  Even before completing her first quilt, a One Block Wonder, she realized that she had found her creative voice.  With more than forty years of sewing and fabric petting under her belt, becoming a quilter was a natural fit. 

Over the years, Lara has taught many different kinds of crafts to groups of all ages.  Always one to play around with and mix techniques, she often sets off on her own path.  This has led to some interesting adventures in quilting.  You can take a peek at what she’s up to by visiting her blog at

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Becky Campbell


I have been sewing for years. I started making my own clothes, progressed to prom dresses, and then to my wedding dress. I moved on to household items, curtains, pillow – whatever I happened to need. I also decorated our house with all sorts of needlework. Always excited to learn new skills, I took a quilting class in the early 90s. I fell in love. So much to learn, so little time. 

I became comfortable making traditional quilts, so I ventured into art quilts. Talk about stretching my skills! There are so many ways to do things, so many products, so much to try.

I discovered that I liked to design products and projects. I designed Sewforever Quilt Storage to provide a better way to store quilts. Then I devised Innovative Applique to make applique more enjoyable for everyone by increasing accuracy and eliminating time-consuming tasks. In order to be able to share my Innovative Applique techniques, I needed original patterns to work with. This led to developing patterns for applique.

Quilting is a skill that can always be expanded. Fabric is my paintbrush and imagination my background. The ability to combine these elements into something memorable is always the challenge. 

To learn more, visit my website:

Get her latest book:



Gina Perkes


Gina Perkes lives in Payson, Arizona, where she owns and operates her quilting studio, training facility, and Innova® longarm dealership.
Gina learned to quilt in 1998 while expecting her second child. Wanting to make quilts for her children, she took a beginning class at the local quilt shop. Passion quickly ensued. She began entering national quilt shows to feed her competitive drive and improve her skills as an artist and quiltmaker. She has received numerous international and national awards including: IQA’s Future of the Industry and AQS’s Best Longarm Machine Workmanship. Her quilt Nostalgia now resides at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky, as a part of the permanent collection.
Gina is passionate about teaching others and developing patterns and tools for quilts. She has appeared on numerous quilting shows including: The Quilt Show, Quilt It, iquilt, Linda’s Longarm Quilters, Daily Crafts TV, and The Quilting School. She travels both nationally and internationally to guilds and conferences teaching her techniques on both domestic and longarm machines.
In 2014, Gina was inducted into the Arizona Quilter’s Hall of Fame. Visit Gina at:

Get her Spring 2016 book:



Darlene Beltman & Teresa Justice


Darlene and Teresa have been friends for over 40 years and collaborated on the writing of this book.  Both grew up in South Carolina, Darlene from the little town of Westville, and Teresa from of Rock Hill. They met in Washington, DC where the first sentence they spoke told each right away they had met a fellow South Carolinian. Darlene had moved to Washington to work for Senator Strom Thurmond in the public affairs office and Teresa was there to work for the General Accounting Office as an auditor. They quickly became friends and have continued this friendship over the years and miles between them.

Teresa moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1974 after her marriage to Fred Justice. They returned to Rock Hill, South Carolina in 1978 where they currently reside. They have three children, Aaron, Jennifer and Ellen. Teresa has a BA degree in Mathematics from Winthrop University and returned to Winthrop University as an employee, retiring after 33 years of service in 2015.

Darlene returned to Columbia, South Carolina in 1974.  After returning to South Carolina, Darlene earned her BA in English from the University of South Carolina and worked at the South Carolina Electric & Gas Company, where she met her husband Brian Beltman. Darlene and Brian have two children, Jessica and Matthew, and reside in Rock Hill enjoying life as retirees.

Both Darlene and Teresa have enjoyed hand crafts.  Teresa’s love of quilting originated with watching her mom hand piece and hand quilt beautiful traditional quilts.  She also gleaned knowledge by watching Simply Quilts, starring Alex Anderson, on tv every Saturday morning.  Not knowing any other quilters, Teresa formed a club, Stitchin’ Friends, in the 1990’s and invited her friends to join, offering to teach them to quilt.  Several of those friends are still a part of the club to this day, including Darlene.  Darlene and Teresa, over years of trying many types of piecing and quilting, recognized a common love of anything hand work, including embroidery, applique and hand quilting.  Darlene began an English paper piecing project for Dresden plates and introduced this technique to Teresa.  Soon they both started a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt, and about that time the spools, or klosje, became an internet fad and they joined in the fun with ladies from all over the world that were either piecing hexagons or spools.  

In 2013, they began making a Patchwork of the Crosses quilt and were totally sold on English Paper Piecing.  Looking for other EPP books and patterns, they noticed that the majority of the projects being marketed for EPP were hexagon based.

The idea of creating a sampler quilt of English paper pieced blocks began to formulate in their hearts and minds.  They decided to partner on the writing of this book.  Darlene’s enthusiasm for quilt history and her educational background in English and literature naturally made her the book historian. Teresa’s love of design and her mathematical background leaned more to block design and development of the foundation templates.  They combined their talents and interests in the development of this book. 

Soon realizing a third person was needed to help test the patterns and assist in making the four quilts needed for the book, they enlisted their friend, Brenda Reeves of Rock Hill as a pattern tester and quilter. Brenda was also working on the Patchwork of the Crosses quilt and her attention to detail and accuracy in piecing had already impressed both Darlene and Teresa.

Special thanks to two more friends and South Carolinians goes to Donna Abbott, currently living in Michigan, and Donna Sawyer of Heath Springs, South Carolina, for their special skills in Longarm Machine Quilting. Donna Abbott quilted the Civil War Reproductions and the Contemporary Fabrics quilts.  Donna Sawyer quilted the Amish and the 1930’s Reproduction quilts.

So the friendship circle grew and continues to grow as a shared love for quilting, and specifically for English paper piecing, unites their interests, time and talents.  Darlene, Teresa and Brenda are all members of the Quilters of South Carolina, York County Quilters and Stitchin’ Friends. 

Get their latest book:



Judy Woodworth


Judy is an International Award winning quilter, and author.  Her books, Freemotion Quilting, Make Your Own Quilting Designs and Patterns, and now her current one The Art of Quilting: Machine Techniques & Designs were published with The American Quilter’s Society. In 2012 she was the winner of the Paducah QuiltWeek® Best Longarm Quilter Award. She has been nominated three times as Best Machine Quilting Teacher and in 2014, she was named Best Machine Quilting Teacher at MQX.

She has written many articles published in the Professional machine quilter’s magazines including: On Track, Machine Quilting Unlimited, The Quilt Life, and AQ magazine. In March of 2013, she was honored on the cover of Machine Quilting Unlimited as their featured quilter.

Judy has been featured on Linda Taylor’s Longarm quilting show called The Quilting School, Alex Anderson and Ricky Tim’s The Quilt Show, and Jodie Davis’s Quilt It, The Long Arm Quilting Show.

Some of her most exciting quilting awards were winning first place twice at the International Quilt Show in Houston. Judy has won many awards at the American Quilter’s Society Shows, including best Longarm quilter, multiple awards at the Machine Quilter’s Expo, and several dozen awards at the International Machine Quilting Showcase. She’s also received a hundred other awards including Best of Show at the Nebraska State Fair which displayed over 700 quilts.

Judy has been married to her high school sweetheart for almost fifty years. He helps her paint many of her quilts. Her five children and eleven grandchildren have all been her biggest supporters in her quilting career. Visit Judy at:

Get her latest book: 



Ann Hazelwood


Ann Hazelwood is a former quilt shop owner. A native of Missouri, Ann is a quilt appraiser and former president of The National Quilt Museum’s Board of Directors.

Get Ann’s Spring 2016 book:


Kay Velarde


Kay Velarde was born and grew up in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains in Southwestern Virginia. After graduating from a branch campus at the University of Virginia, she left home for the lure of travel as a career serviceman in the air Force. Kay loves to piece by hand and regularly practices her hand quilting. Retirement has offered time to pursue a second career in writing. She loves mysteries and hopes many quilters will share her enthusiasm for the combination of mystery and quilting.

Get her Spring 2016 book:



Klaudeen Hansen


Klaudeen is listed in WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN QUILTING and is the editor of QUILT ART ENGAGEMENT CALENDAR which features the work of regional quilters and the ADDRESS & BIRTHDAY BOOK featuring miniature quilts and their stories. Kaludeen’s quilts have been in many invitational shows both in the US and Europe. Her AMISH INFLUENCES exhibit of 12 wall quilts was in Oslo, Norway, during the Olympics. Teaching is Klaudeen’s area of greatest interest. 

Get her latest book:


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