Meet Robert DeCarli


Robert DeCarli is the AQS author of the new book, Hill & Valley Log Cabins.  Bob’s first life was as a math professor at a Catholic girls’ college in Buffalo. He moved on to function as an engineer at Lockheed Martin in Valley Forge, all the while continuing to teach math at local colleges.

In 1992 his wife asked for help in making a quilt for their daughter’s wedding. She showed him how to make a four-patch and he was hooked.  As a mathematician, the seemingly endless number of patterns fascinated him. He has designed blocks and quilts since 1993, receiving a ribbon at the Vermont Quilt Festival and a blue ribbon at the Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza for “Butterfly” (designed in EQ5).

He discovered EQ in 2005 and has since designed more than one thousand quilts and blocks, including block and quilt settings for his wife’s appliqué projects.  His primary interest, besides teaching, is designing various size, interlocking log cabins and converting weaving patterns to quilts. In each area, the number of possibilities is seemingly endless, but he pursues them one at a time.


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Sandy Jackson

Our Quilt Guild, Calico Cutters, is interested in having Bob as a speaker. I cannot find any contact information on him. Do you have any contact information for him that you could send me?
Thank you.
Sandy Jackson
Program Chair
Calico Cutters

Sandy, I will send Bob your information and hopefully he will get in touch with you. Sylvia Thomas, AQS Office Administrator

Judy Weeden

I know nothing about quilting. However, my 87year old mother quilts. She using a DeCarli pattern from Hill & Valley Log Cabins called Chocolate and Caramel. In part C, she is confused. She says there are some tan pieces, but the directions say beige. Obviously she may be misreading something, but she could use an explanation/help. Thanks

Judy, We have been in contact with Bob DeCarli about your question and here is his response: Your mother is not making a mistake or mis-reading. My bad as there is a mistake which we never found in all the times that we reviewed. The directions for C should read as follows: Fabric Piece Tan1 1 Tan2 4 Tan2 5 Tan3 8 Tan3 9 Please tell your mother that I am totally sorry for the mistake. Your mother has a good eye. Go gently, Bob DeCarli We hope your mother’s project will now go smoothly. Thank you for bringing this… Read more »

maria katz

I am trying to make Islands in the Stream 2 but am confused. Do I use a right and left V4 block with the V8? How will this effect the fabric and cutting reuirements from the original thanks

Linda mills

My guild is interested in having you as a speaker. Please advise.

Linda mills

Interested in having you speak at our guild. On eq

Susan Paul

Our guild is Interested in having you as a speaker. Please send contact info.

B Alcott

As a new quilter, I was told that log cabin quilts should be my first effort as they do not have points and are easier to make. I was intrigued with the Outer Banks patters in Mr. DeCarli’s book, Hill and Valley Log Cabins. However I wish to make a quit that will fit on my king-size bed .. approximately 120″ x 120″. I read in the book that to make one of the patterns to fit a king size bed, that I should make the blocks 12″ x 12″ instead of the printed directions for 8″ x 8″. But… Read more »