Meet Princess Mirah


Princess Mirah has been bringing some of the best of Bali batik designed fabrics to us since 1981. Her exquisite fabrics have been featured everywhere  from New York fashion catwalks to the homes of discerning quiltmakers.

All of Princess Mirah’s fabrics are handmade in Bali using authentic batik methods. Craftsmen use traditional copper stamps, wax, and dyes that yield some of the highest quality and most unique batiks on the market today.

Princess Mirah really is a princess. Her royal lineage stretches back over five centuries to the famous founder of the Majapahit rule in Bali.  We are sure her palace in Bali is filled with color, creativity, and beautiful fabrics!

Visit her site here.

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Jeanne Runyon

Good luck ever seeing the palace of Princess Mirah!!! I was in Bali for 2 weeks in January 2012 and spent many days searching for the Princess Mirah factory. I had numerous drivers, tour guides, etc. working on this adventure with numerous promises saying they could take me there……but it never happened. When I would inquire about Princess Mirah in other batik establishments,they had never heard of her and from her homepage it is impossible to figure the exact location.E-mails I sent to her were never answered!


Sew Many Places (owner Jim West) has a tour going there – THese tours are alwas great


Are princess mirah batiks colorfast?

Hi Brenda, You can reach Mirah Zriya at I’m sure she’d be delighted to answer questions regarding her fabrics. Thanks, Betsey