Moya Hu, the owner of Moya’s Workshop, hosts a popular handmade-themed blog that has had more than 2 million visitors since its inception. She started quilting in 2006 and has already authored two successful books on handmade topics published in the local market. She lives with her cute dog, Bogi, in Taipei, Taiwan.

Moya’s Workshop is located in the heart of central Taipei and specializes in importing quilting and patchwork supplies from the United States and Europe to Taiwan. The team behind Moya’s Workshop includes a group of talented professionals drawn from the fields of design, art, and photography. Current areas of interest range from bag designs and independent publishing to professional designer development and management.

AQS Publishing is pleased to present our first book with Moya’s Workshop, Purses, Bags & Totes.

Moya’s second book Crafty Canine Purses is now available.

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Wanda Black

So what is the address of Moya Hu’s blog?

Mary Jo Levitsky

Could I have the address of your blog please?

Nice to meet you Moya! Sounds like a great book!
Love your picture of you and your beautiful dog!
I grew up with Shiba Inus and Akitas, because my mom imported and bred both breeds. They are my favorite dogs.

You may please check my blog at
(Sorry it’s in Chinese. as I am living and working in Taiwan. But still nice to see some beautiful pictures of my current projects and my lovely dog!)