Meet Fiber Artist Ann L. Scott


Ann L. Scott is a member from San Diego, California, who has been quilting for over 25 years. She has made hundreds of quilts! Ann’s specialty is creating quilted fiber art, hand-painted fabric, and art quilts. Let’s take a peek at what she’s been up to lately:

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Ann started creating art quilts using her own methods before she attended classes to learn the basics. She spent many years fine-tuning her quilting skills, and now has gone from a more traditional skill set back to designing and creating art quilts, painted fabric, and using a method she calls “Really Free Motion” quilting. Her quilts have been published and exhibited both nationally and internationally, with awards and honors to her credit.

Here’s a fun video that shows a brilliant work of fabric art in progress. Ann delights us with the Hand Painted Fabric process:

Ann recently completed a solo mixed-media exhibit at Visions Art Museum in San Diego, California.  Collaborating with photographers, she has found that hard and reflective plus soft and tactile make a visually successful whole!  Take a look at this stunning collection:

Always growing as an artist, Ann is not afraid to try things she’s never done before. She’s looking forward to more painting on fabric techniques and combinations of fibers and materials – thread work, too! To quote Ann, “The possibilities seem endless.”

Ann loves using technology to create a work of art, and she believes every quilt is a work of art. She continues to evolve, exploring fiber art, fabric painting, surface design, mixed media, and more. provides a showplace for photos AND videos – we’re so glad Ann chose to share the gift of her art with us there.  Learn more about Ann’s quilting techniques at her blog and enjoy more of her innovative style on her website.  Prepare to be inspired!

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Thank you for sharing my art and passion!

Cuauhtémoc Q. Kish

Ann has provided not only a fabulous display of her artwork, but a tutorial as well. There is one word that sums up her work: accomplished.