Dr. Joyce Mori is the author of the new AQS book Quilting Designs from Native American Pottery. She has been professionally involved in quilting for over 20 years. Her mother introduced her to quilting when she was about 10 years old; her first full-sized quilt was a hand-sewn Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. She also made some stamped hand embroidery quilts. Eventually, college interrupted her pursuit of quiltmaking.

She earned a B.A., M.A, and Ph.D. degrees with a major in anthropology and a specialization in Native American cultures and their technologies. She taught at the college level but made the decision to be a stay-at-home mother.

Once her daughter reached junior high, Joyce returned to her love of quiltmaking and her interest in Native American cultures. She received a National Quilting Association research grant to study the use of Native American designs by quiltes, which became the springboard for her career in quilting. AQS has published six of her books on Native American designs and quilting designs. She has written 16 books on various quilt-related topics including dyeing and painting of fabric and scrap quilts, as well as technique books on folded squares and more, cutout quilts, and frame quilts, and more than 80 articles on quilting topics.

Joyce has exhibited her work at numerous quilt shows and galleries. She was a West Virginia juried craftsman when she lived that state, and she has had a line of quilting stencils marketed.

She continues to visit museums with Native American collections, looking for inspiration, and teaches and lectures at quilt conferences and for quilt guilds around the country.

Joyce and her husband live in central Illinois.

Click here to read more about Quilting Designs from Native American Pottery.

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