Meet AQS Author, Dianne Springer.  Dianne’s fun book is called Scrap-O-Lator Quilts & More.  Here is a little of Dianne’s background – in her own words.

“In the last century, when I was about 11 or 12, I remember my older brother saying after a morning of ripping open Christmas gifts, “You know, it just would not be Christmas if Dianne did not get some kind of art project.”  The dye was apparently cast even before that.  Guilty as charged;  I was already hooked.  By age 12:  Paint-by-number, knitting, sewing/designing, drawing, wrapping bottles, (and anything else that got in my line of vision), in twine, done it.

Move forward into the current century and add dabbling in just about every conceivable form of art or craft to my repertoire.  In the process of becoming, I also became one of the oldest living grad students, finally graduating with my MFA in 1999.  Passing through my heart, hands, and pocketbook are glass beadmaking, glass fusing, batiking, oil painting, watercolor, jewelry design, weaving, garment construction, quilting, kite-making, printmaking, enameling, calligraphy, ceramics, sculpture, etc, etc, etc.  Should I mention here that I ended up teaching art in the Gifted/Talented program for 25 years?  Jill-of- All-Trades-Master-of-None is my middle name.

At the present time, I have become immersed in the World of Quilting.  I enjoy making anything that involves fabric – from simply fondling the fibers, to drawing designs that will become part of those fibers.  In 2007, I started a company called, cleverly, Dianne Springer Designs.  Our company, meaning all of my wonderful free helpers and I, create, package, and market products that take the quilt from the bedroom to new and fun places.   If you are so inclined, please check our site .  I would take it as a personal gift if you would also add your name to my BFF’s by reading my musings and adding yours to my blog, Threads From My Head,

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Connie Pedersen

Hi Diane, I visited with you at the McAllen TX Quilt Show last winter. I remember asking you what the name of fabric you use, (meaning the bright colors) You told me but I didn’t write it down and can’t remember it now. Could you tell me again? I’ve got 3 of you patterns that are waiting for me to find just the right brights:) Hope you are having busy summer! Thank you, Connie


Was looking for lecture/trunk show persons for the upcoming 2016 calander. We are in Livingston TX. If you do something like this could you let me know?

Jennifer Sjulson

Are you still selling fabric? Do you have any more of the Gabbi’s Rose in red?

Maggie Olson

Hi Dianne, I have your total tote pattern and it calls MPC for the interfacing and can I get that at Joann Fabric? Also did you use like a warm & natural as the batting?


When will she be in Florida?